Back in the United States again!

We crossed the border today at 12:38 pm.

It was 96 degrees in Quanah, TX last night.  Today we traveled to Santa Rosa, NM with strong headwinds and uphill all the way.  So much for decent fuel economy!  On the way down to Port Isabel we were getting between 8 and 11 miles/gallon.  Yesterday we got 6.  Today will be worse I am afraid.  The receipts are in the truck but I haven’t wanted to see the answer yet.  Too tired for bad news.

Jade got her cast off today.  You talk about one happy girl!  Almost.  She had been complaining about a terrible itch for the last week or two.


Major skin rash

Now we know why.  She had a major skin rash under the cast.  She was really a trooper to have endured that kind of a rash.

Tomorrow we go to Gallup.  It is only 215 miles, four and a quarter hours.  The USA RV Park we usually stay at is making us a great deal on leaving the trailer there while we go to Fruita.  It is a great park with nice people.  They give all active and retired military a reduced rate as well.  Friday we will drive to Fruita.  It will be nice to not have to pull the trailer for a change.  We are looking forward to the party and seeing family again.

Visit again later.
L   c}’-)

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