A quick update

It has been a quiet month here. Linda and I have both had our annual physicals and everything is as good as could be expected considering. You fill in the blank on what to consider.

The weather has been near perfect. A little rain, lots of sun, no wind and moderate temperatures. Most every afternoon a bank of clouds will form up to the south of us over the Mamm Peak area and as often as not will bring a little much needed moisture. It has been three weeks since we stopped irrigating the pasture and even in this year of severe drought it is still a lush and vibrant green. The geese fly by our house every morning and again in the late afternoon, loudly carrying on a conversation that must be important to them although I haven’t been able to understand them yet.

We have been visiting with friends when they have the time for us and have enjoyed that very much. Dottie and Bob comes to see us once in a while but their family are so busy that they have little time available. Why is it that our society has taught us to be so busy, to be so occupied with activities and to wear ourselves out in the pursuit of happiness. We have decided that happiness is not found in things, activities or jobs. It is found inside ourselves, being content with whatever is happening at the moment. Life has become so much more fulfilling and interesting once we figured that out.

Bob has been moving to Parachute from Silt this month. He had leased a 10 acre place and was happy playing with his horse and living the dream. Because Dottie and his work is in Parachute he decided to move closer so has been very busy trying to get everything moved and rearranged. His horse is being boarded and he has to move his hay, feed and tack there and then get all his personal items moved and clean the old house. Consequently, we haven’t seen much of him lately. He should be finished this week if all goes as planned. Next week he hopes to go to La Veta with an acquaintance of his and bow hunt for elk. Dottie spent yesterday evening while Bob and Korine cleaned and packed again. We all had a lot of fun playing. She is quite a handful at times, eager to explore, happy to be alive and full of life. Kids are so much fun.

Enough for now. We would like to hear from each of you about what is going on in your life and how you are weathering.

L c}’-)

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