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Howdy friends!  We are Larry and Linda Glenn.  Please drop us a note so we will know who you are and who is following our travels or travails at times.  Happy to know you.

We are full time RVers.  That means we don’t have a permanent home anywhere in particular.  Originally we started out from Rifle, CO to become “Homeless Trailer Trash” or Gypsies, or Nomads or any other name you would like to hang on us.  Our favorite response to “Where do you live?” is “Wherever we are at the time”.  Most of the time we tell folks we just travel the world and harass our children.  If you have children of your own you know how good that sounds.

We own an RV spot in Port Isabel, TX in Long Island Village where we winter.  The rest of the year we go from Colorado, which we still call “Home” where we have Mom and Dad, a son and his family, a sister and many good friends, to Arizona where we have a son and daughter and granddaughter, Minnesota where we have a sister, brother, nephew, niece and grandchildren and to Texas where we have a daughter and son with four grandchildren.

We also want to spend time traveling to Washington D.C. to see the memorials, the Smithsonian, the Capitol (Think they would listen to an old cowboy?) and all the rest.  From there we would like to go to upper New York state to see the colors, New York City and then down the eastern seaboard to visit most of the Civil War battlefields.  After that a trip across the deep south to get a feel for that part of the country.  Of course we also want to travel through northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming.  Lots of miles to go before we sleep, miles to go.

This website is the primary way we keep all our friends updated on where we are currently and what new adventure we are experiencing.  Check in often as we are always up to something new or encountering new friends and activities.

Here is a video I found of us when we were MUCH younger.  The pictures of Linda was during our honeymoon at Mesa Verde and in San Diego where the pictures of Larry were taken


This video is of Larry as a child and his first horseback ride.  It would not be the last.


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  1. I found the videos! You guys were so cute–especially as a baby. Who is the couple? She looks very familiar, but I’m not sure who it is.

  2. Hi, Larry and Linda! It was so nice to visit with you both at the class reunion. We are jealous of your “travelling home” lifestyle! What fun. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and we’ll be sure to check on your website often.

    Kenny & Neva Banks

    • Kenny:
      I enjoyed the reunion very much as well. Those who made it possible deserve all the praise we can heap upon them. Hopefully one of these days we can get together again. Where we winter has accommodations if you ever want to visit. It is quite inexpensive and winter is tolerable. When you are interested let me know and I will send you some links.

  3. Hey guys, so good to hear from you!!! Sounds like you are really enjoying life, way to go! we are doing good and would love to see you guys somewhere down the trail. God Bless, Barry

  4. Hey, Larry, great site. I’m looking forward to traveling with you too. DC and the Smithsonian … all the monuments are great, and the Civil War tours are very moving … don’t miss Williamsburg, VA either. When you come to our area, plan on visiting Mountain View, AR where they have lots of old music and pickin’ and grinning on the courthouse square.

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