Almost Christmas

Well it is that time of year again.  Time to be together with those you love.  For us it is impossible to be with all the people we love at any time of the year because they are scattered across the country in so many places.  We will be spending Christmas with a small, select group of loved ones however.  It is our ardent prayer that you too can be with at least a portion of your loved ones and can share the joy of the season and the joy of kith and kin.

Winter has arrived in Port Isabel.  That means something entirely foreign to some of you.  It is in the 70’s most days but about once a week to ten days we have a weak cold front pass through dropping the temperatures down into the 60’s for a day or two.  Yesterday we had 80 degrees and 40 mph sustained winds coming off the Gulf.  Today will be about the same, a little warmer and a little less wind.  The winds have not stopped the golfers from playing.  What a strange lot golfers are.

Sue and Steve’s son Sam and his family arrived a couple of days ago and we got to have supper with them.  Starting in MN they traveled to NJ to visit Karen’s family, then down the eastern states, across the south to here in their thirty foot Class C coach.  It sleeps ten.  They are ALL doing well.  ALL because they have five children and one in the oven.  I cannot imagine how much work it takes to raise a brood like that but Sam and Karen are doing a superb job.  Both are strongly driven and intelligent young people and a rare treat to be around.  I will be getting pictures later but this time I just wanted to visit without the distraction of the camera.

We have kept busy getting ready for Christmas and enjoying being in Port Isabel.  Last week i purchased high speed internet.  We had been using our phones as modems but we were constantly bumping up against the limit of our service.  Now we can spend all the time we need to online and not have to worry about overage charges.  An added benefit is we can stream any TV shows we miss due to our social schedule and we can rent and down load and watch movies.  So, if you have large files, pictures, videos, etc that you want to send we can now accept them!

I have a few pictures I want to share with you.  They are not pertinent to this post but I enjoy sharing them anyway.


The last storm that came through Texas, the one that came right after Linda got home, left it’s calling card in Dallas.  This is a picture of Lori’s rose bush.


While we are “at Lori’s” this is my favorite grandson, Stone.  I understand that all of the pictures he draws have men with a moustache.


On the way back from Fruita Linda, Lori and the kids stopped in Palmer Lake, CO and had dinner with my friend, Gary.  Sure wish I could have been there.

2013-12-03 11.59.32

Gary’s dog Doc is growing.  He is about half size now.


Speaking of growing, look at Sienna, Bill and Summer’s pride and joy.  More pictures to follow next post I hope.

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