Alone Again

The weather here in south Texas is good this time of year.  The daytime temperatures are in the 70 to 80 degree range, little rain and no snow.  The only downside is the wind.  We often have wind.  It usually is not too strong but sometimes we will have sustained wind for several days in a row.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow we are having gusts to 40mph.  Too much for kites and almost too much for golf.  But the sun is out!

Linda is gone again.  She left Saturday to go to Houston to babysit Dottie while Korine is getting some training.  As you can guess, she is having a wonderful time.  Meanwhile I am at home with the dog, Lacey.  don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy some time alone from time to time.  All couples should try to give each other time alone once in a while.  It is good for the soul to spend some time with just yourself.  Besides, Linda needs some relief from having to be with me all the time.

Our friends, Walt and Yvone, have left.  They are in Houston right now and then will be on the road again to new and exciting places.  Some other of our friends have left to go home as well.  It is about that time of year here.  Most will leave the end of March or mid April.  If we stay longer than that it will be very quiet around here.  We still haven’t decided when we will leave as you can tell.

Jade is going to have ankle surgery the first of April and would like us to be there for that if possible.  It will depend if we can find a place for the trailer.  We expect to be in Flagstaff the first of June.  Form there we are not fully decided.  We may go back to Colorado again for the summer.  Time will tell.

God bless.



L   c}’-)


Alone Again — 2 Comments

  1. We are still in Florida. It has been an exceptionally warm winter (so the locals tell me). There have been only a handful of days when the temperature was not at least in the 70’s. For the last 3 weeks it has been in the 80’s each day. Spring is apparently here because many flowers are blooming, the orange trees are covered with blossums, the trees are flowering and producing pollen, and we are starting to see baby sandhill cranes. There is a new crop of grapefruit that is very juicy and tasty, the naval oranges are done for the season and the valencia oranges are going strong. We are still getting beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, and okra. We have eaten alot of okra this winter. I had never eaten it before about 6 months ago. We are also eating alot of grouper and shark. They are both great, but the grouper is very expensive. We went over to Daytona Beach a few weeks ago to visit some friends from MN that were staying there. We had a great time walking the beach and we saw gopher tortoises (a first for me). We dined at a fish camp. Both the food and the atmosphere were great. We are going to fly back to MN in April to attend my nephew’s wedding. We will hang around for a week or so to visit family and friends. In May we are going to fly to San Francisco to see our daughter. I have never been to SF. Kay has. I understand that it is quite beautiful. We are not sure what we are going to do this summer. I am told it gets brutally hot here starting as early as May and definitely in June thru Sept. We will want to go north and west for awhile to get out of the heat and humidity. Perhaps we will cross paths with some of you folks along the way. Take care, Ron and Kay

    • I always enjoy your comments Ron as well as the all too infrequent emails detailing your adventures. I understand the difficulty in writing as often as we should. Still it is a treat to get them. You write very well and make your adventures come to life. Thanks for you comments. I hope you and Kay can stop in Colorado this summer while we are there. It would be fun go get together for a little while.

      L c}’-)