Flagstaff Update

It has been a pleasant week here in Flagstaff. The weather has stabilized into relatively warm and sunny days with moderately cold nights. Much better than it could be. Bill and I hung his Christmas lights yesterday and did not … Continue reading

Back in Flagstaff

We are finally back in Flagstaff after spending an unscheduled week in Fruita taking care of Linda’s parents. They are both doing fine again. Mom’s foot still hurts sometimes but she can walk on it again. Lenore is back from … Continue reading

Fall Colors

Sunday was our 45th Wedding Anniversary. Linda is to be commended on her patience and her understanding for putting up with me for so long. I am a very lucky man. To celebrate we had lunch with several friends after … Continue reading

A quick update

It has been a quiet month here. Linda and I have both had our annual physicals and everything is as good as could be expected considering. You fill in the blank on what to consider. The weather has been near … Continue reading

Life in Rifle

We have been getting rain again lately.  It is sorely needed.  It looks like we have had about 3/4 of an inch in the last five days.  I have been irrigating for Edie because she doesn’t do well in the … Continue reading

Rain! We got rain!

Finally!  After several weeks of unrelenting heat and very low humidity the summer monsoons have arrived!  Yesterday and last evening we got rain.  Not much.  Just a trace.  But, we got rain!  Montrose, fifty miles straight south as the eagle … Continue reading

Fourth of July Update

This has been the strangest Fourth of July I can remember.  Because there is such a high fire danger the State of Colorado has banned the use of personal fireworks state-wide.  Almost all of the towns in Colorado except the … Continue reading

Fires in Colorado

The “official” fire season does not start until tomorrow in Colorado however somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature.  We currently have 11 active fires in Colorado.  One hundred seventy thousand acres and six hundred and fifty homes so far have … Continue reading

Back in Colorado

We are finally back in Colorado, arriving in Fruita on Tuesday of this week.  The trip from Flagstaff was uneventful.  I am beginning to like uneventful. Tomorrow we plan to move to Rifle to spend the summer at Edie’s place. … Continue reading

It’s A Girl!

For those who did not know, Bill and Summer are expecting in the middle of October.  Friday they found out it is a girl!  We are as excited as a puppy with two tails.  Bill and Summer both will be … Continue reading


We are finally in Flagstaff, AZ after our side trip to Fruita, CO.  Linda’s Dad celebrated his 90th birthday last Saturday with almost a hundred friends and family.  He was really surprised when Linda walked up to him.  He looked … Continue reading


We got here Thursday afternoon and this is Tuesday evening.  It has been an exciting five days!  Thursday was excitement about seeing loved ones again.  Saturday was exciting getting settled in and spending time with family.  Sunday was exciting seeing … Continue reading


We are as “free as the birds” and have begun our northern migration having left Port Isabel and arrived in Wylie, TX where our daughter and family live. Lori had decided not to tell her children we were coming in … Continue reading

Fun Neighbors

We have been having a great time this week.  A dolphin watch finally.  Got to fly my four string kite finally.  Found a place to store our golf cart finally. Had a party on our lot finally. I guess we … Continue reading

Back to Normal?

Texas week is over.  The heavy traffic is gone.  The packed stores are no longer crowded.  The visitors to the village are gone.  Life is quiet again.  No more music coming in the windows until late at night.  In addition, … Continue reading

Alone Again

The weather here in south Texas is good this time of year.  The daytime temperatures are in the 70 to 80 degree range, little rain and no snow.  The only downside is the wind.  We often have wind.  It usually … Continue reading