Back in Colorado (for a little while)

All is well.  We dropped the trailer at the USA RV Park in Gallup, NM on Thursday evening and headed north on Friday morning.  The park was very gracious and accommodating in letting us store the trailer there for a while.  They gave us a very good rate.  Every time we have stayed there the owner and staff have been wonderful.  They have lots of wood carvings around the park, are building a memorial for veterans and have a waterfall.  It is a nice place to stay.

On the way to Fruita, just north of Cortez we came up behind the truck in this  picture.

Of course it safe! Why?

At first I thought he was hauling hay or sod so I didn’t want ot get behind him or stay close to him.  As we passed I saw that it was “Waddles”, barriers used in dirt work.  Even without being top heavy it still looked to me like they could fall off at any time.  Crazy!

We met up with Bill and Summer in Fruita, Bob, Dottie , Korine and her entire clan came down and we all went to supper together.  It is fun to get family together but you talk about noise.  I know Lori desperately wanted to be here too but not possible with the girls in school.  She hopes to Our plans come out this summer.  That will be fun!

Today is the big party for Linda’s dad.  They still don’t know we are here or are even coming.  Linda and Summer are planning a shopping trip this morning to pick up some maternity clothes for Summer.  Bill and I will probably force ourselves to go to Cabalas while they do.  Feel our pain.

The party is at 2:00 today if you want to call and wish Dad a happy 90th Birthday.  We will all be at his house.  If you don’t know the number just call Linda or me and we will pass it off to him.  Our plans for the rest of the weekend are still up in the air.  It would be nice to get to Rifle for church but some of the family is leaving on Sunday so we may stay and visit with them as much as possible.

It is good to be back in Colorado.  We miss our friends and family here and are anxious to spend time with them.


L   c}’-)

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