Back in Colorado

We are finally back in Colorado, arriving in Fruita on Tuesday of this week.  The trip from Flagstaff was uneventful.  I am beginning to like uneventful.

Tomorrow we plan to move to Rifle to spend the summer at Edie’s place.  She has graciously offered to let us park our trailer there again.  It is a beautiful spot, out in the country, next to the horse pasture, yet close enough to town to be convenient.  The only fly in this particular ointment is her well.

Edie has been experiencing red clay coming out of her domestic water well lately.  It is possible that the new gas well drilled about a quarter-mile from her place has caused this problem when they “fracked” the well.  For those of you unfamiliar with the gas and oil industry, “fracking” is the process of injecting fluids, chemicals and sand into a freshly drilled well at very high pressures.  This expands the rock formations underground, the sand holds the cracks open so the gas and oil can flow more freely toward the well.  The drilling industry maintains that it is perfectly safe, others disagree.

There have been several lawsuits and fights in Garfield county over the last twenty years or so about this issue.  Several ranchers have experienced methane gas, petroleum products and tainted water coming up in their wells.  Sometimes there is so much methane or petroleum that it can be burned as it comes out of the tap.  The industry claims that all of these occurrences are only the natural result of ground shifting or gas making it way to the surface naturally.  The fact that the wells have been in place for decades without problems before drilling began near them seems to not be an issue.  Unfortunately there is little a land owner can do to prove the well is the cause.

We have invested in an additional sediment filter and an additional in line water filter to try to keep the clay out of our system.  If it is too much for these filters we will have to move elsewhere.  There are few RV parks in Garfield county that are desirable to live in for long.  Most are filled with gas and oil workers who drive loud pickups and come and go at all times of the day and night.  For those of us accustomed to quiet living it just doesn’t measure up.

I apologize for not updating this blog sooner.  Three times I started to write about the political mess in which our country finds itself.  Twice I became so disgusted that I had to quit.  Soon I hope to get a grasp on my feelings about it all, in the meantime I shall keep my anger contained and my thoughts to myself.  If you too are struggling with the events of the past few months I would love to hear from you.  This blog is intended to be an open forum where we express ideas and try to make understandable the world that surrounds us.  Please feel free to send me by email anything you would like included.  I would love to get a lively discussion going around our “campfire”.  Till then my friends I wish all of you good health and prosperity.


L   c}’-)


Back in Colorado — 4 Comments

  1. Larry,

    I share your frustration. This last week was awful for America. Obamacare in my opinion is not constitutional, no matter what the supreme court says. We can now be taxed for not doing something! So if you don’t buy health care you can and will be taxed….. So if you don’t buy a Chevy Volt you may be taxed…. So if you don’t buy energy efficient windows for your house you may be taxed….. So if you don’t buy carrots you may be taxed….. You can see the pattern. Where will it end. This expansion of Federal Government authority is scary to say the least. This is the largest tax increase in the history of the world. The supreme court is calling it a tax. They said that the law was unconstitutional under the Commerce clause, but is OK as a tax. Now the Obama Admin is again stressing that this is not a tax. What is going on here? I smell a rat. There are indications that Justice Roberts changed his mind in the last few days before the announcement. It is so out of character for Justice Roberts to write this opinion when we thought he believed in upholding the Constitution. There is nothing in the constitution that allows the Federal Government to tax us for something we did not do. This is beyond belief. Either Justice Roberts is a closet bleeding heart liberal or someone got to him with a threat of some kind. I don’t want to sound all conspiratorial but this is way out of line. I see our freedoms as Americans going away. I don’t want to live in a Socialist society. My freedome is critical. We have one more chance in November. Conservatives have to take the White house, the Senate, and hold the House. Then we need to repeal this awful law once and forever. It will not be easy. If we don’t do it, America as we know it is gone. I am afraid for our great country. Our kids and grandkids are not going to live in the great America that we once knew. Elections make a difference. In alot of ways political correctness got us in this mess. We must be open, honest, and speak up. We can not let the liberals take over our great country.

    Your mother was one of the kindest, most elegant ladies I ever had the pleasure to meet. I still remember her kindness and genteel nature. We can all learn from that.


    • Ron:
      Thank you for your kind words. I, like you, wonder why Justice Roberts seems to have changed his mind at the end. Conspiracy theories to me almost always seem to be some kooky idea by some outer fringe shallow thinker, but this time … I don’t know.
      The continued blatant disregard for the Rule of Law and the lack of anger by Congress and the American people worries me much more. A few people bent on getting their way at all costs can be stopped by intelligent and honorable people with the law but only when they have the courage to step up to the task. Why haven’t they stepped up? Why are not people filling the streets demanding action? Where have all the patriots gone?
      Thanks for your support my friend.

      L c]’_)

  2. Glad to hear that you are back in Colorado. Kay misses Colorado, the mountains, and the peaches. I don’t think we will make it to Colorado this summer. Maybe next year. It is the rainy season here in Florida now. We actually need the rain since it does not rain much in the winter months. It usually clouds up and rains in the late afternoon. The temps are around 90 each day.

    I can understand your frustration with what is happening to our beloved country. I am astonished, disgusted, and scared as hell. We need to get rid of this administration in November or it will get much worse. This President has no regard for the Constitution. He acts like a monarch – in saying that he doesn’t have time to wait for Congress to do their job. I smell a rat with this Fast and Furious issue. What are they hiding? Then they want to blame Bush for this program and say that Holder stopped this bad program that Bush started. Operation Wide Receiver was over for two years before Operation Fast and Furious started. Operation Wide Receiver issued 400 guns with tracking devices on them. The Mexican Gov’t was informed all along. 1400 people were arrested. With Fast and Furious 2000 guns were sold with no tracking devices. What good could that possible do? Rush has got it right on this one. This was an end run on our second amendment. They wanted folks killed with American guns so they could make a move to take away some more of our rights as gun owners. We need a comprehensive immigration policy, but first we need to secure the border. Did you see the total disgust shown to Obama by President Putin the other day? Humiliating for this country to have a President that is so totally loathed by other world leaders. Then there is that 1% that he says is so bad because they only pay 72% of the federal tax bill. Not to mention the manipulated numbers on unemployment. 8.2 % is not even close. So if you quit looking for a job you are no longer unemployed? How does that work? Obama is the worst President this country has ever had because he wants to ruin this country. He is deliberatly running this country down because he does not believe in American exceptionalism. He thinks this country has always been unfair and he is going to take everything away from the successful folks and give it to the poor folks to make it fair. Hang on to your wallet!

    • Ron:

      I agree with you about this administration. Every time I think about what is going on I get more and more frustrated. For the first time in a long time I feel like an outsider in my own country. The government no longer represents me, the direction we are headed is not the direction I want to go and most Americans don’t seem to care.
      The man in the White House or the man who would be king, which ever way you prefer to address him, has done so many things that I consider illegal that I cannot stomach calling him by his title. He has constantly abused his authority, has insulted our nation and made a mockery of our standards.
      When I stop to think about all of this I get so angry I have a difficult time being able to express my opinion due to the conflict between my anger and the genteel nature my mother expressed so well in her life that I want to emulate.
      Thanks for your comments. I always enjoy hearing what you think. You express clearly and in an interesting style what is on your mind.