Back in Flagstaff

We are finally back in Flagstaff after spending an unscheduled week in Fruita taking care of Linda’s parents. They are both doing fine again. Mom’s foot still hurts sometimes but she can walk on it again. Lenore is back from her trip to Tucson and somewhat refreshed. We are glad we could go back and lend a hand but are really glad to be back in our own home again. Besides being gone, my computer had crashed a couple of weeks ago and I had replaced it with a new one. Yesterday I took the new one back and traded it for a different one. I just could not get used to the keyboard layout. The newest one is like my old one except it has Windows 8. I do not recommend Windows 8! It is entirely different than any windows product I have ever used. If I could install windows 7 without having to buy a copy I would in a heartbeat. Anyway, that is why I haven’t written anything this week.

Bill, Summer and Sienna are all doing well. Sienna is growing more alert every day. Of course we are not biased in any way but did I mention how pretty she is and how intelligent she behaves already? When someone speaks she looks around trying to find the source. When she is in Bill’s arms she smiles at him and makes “eyes” at him. It is fun to watch. She already has him wrapped around her finger.

The weather here is turning colder with lows in the twenties at night. There is a possibility of snow this weekend. I am not ready for this! I am ready for the election to be over. Colorado is an important state in this election so we were inundated with ads. The state races in Arizona are just as acrimonious as the national races so again we are subjected to more ads than a sane person can watch. Win or lose, let’s get it done. Please continue to pray for America.

L c}’-)

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