Beginning ANew

I like the way time is sorted out.  First we have a new day every morning so I can start over at trying to be what I want to be and what I am supposed to be.  Don’t often get it all right each day but now I get to start ANew.  Then we have a new week, a new month and now a new year to start ANew on those projects that are too large to fit in a single day.

No matter how messed up it gets, no matter how poorly we did our job we get to start ANew.  So to all of you who have been struggling trying to get that major “project” to work like you want it, to all of you who are tired of fighting against the odds, to all of you who are fighting the bit I give you this: start ANew.

Whether it is dumping the old problems and moving on or renewing our commitment to stay in the battle until we achieve victory the choice is ours.  This old world will never get us down.  We get to start ANew every day.

As you can tell I am a little philosophical this morning,  Nothing going on just thinking about the past year and how much we have been blessed and how we get to decide how we see life everyday.  We are thankful for all the good and interesting people in our lives, the way we get to live and for good health.  May all of you be as blessed.


L   c}’-)

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