Boy am I Getting Old!

One of the primary reasons we were in Grand Junction this summer was so I could attend my high school reunion.  I graduated, yes I really did, a very long time ago.  It seems like several lifetimes ago and it actually was.  Some of you reading this were not even born by then.  Fifty years since the spring of 1963.  It has been a long road, one filled with happy memories and a few weeks of sheer terror.  So much has happened that there is no way I could do justice to any of my personal history so we will just leave it where it belongs, in the past.

I had a good time meeting new “old” friends.  This is my first class reunion.  So almost all of my classmates and I had not seen each other since graduation.  It is wonderful how time changes all things.  Those who were my close friends then were like finding precious jewels and those were not close then soon became long lost friends found.  Nobody cared about the past, we have all survived and overcome.  Nobody had any need to be important, we had long ago grown accustomed to who we are and grown comfortable with it.  It was a time for remembering all the good times, the only ones that matter in the long run.

All of us have changed in appearance over the years, some much more than others.  I knew that almost no one would recognize me because I had changed so much.  Even the “kids” I had schooled with all the way from First Grade to graduation did not know who I was.  Some of you probably were happy with your appearance in school but most of us, I assume, were less than taken with our looks.  So when look back at my graduation picture and compare it with my looks now I am happy.  That makes me lucky I suppose.

It was quite a party!  That is what life is supposed to be in my opinion.  We need to get over what ever it is that may be holding us back and get on with the party.  Today is today.  Yesterday is already gone.  I’ll bring the drinks, you bring the eats.  I’ll bring the music, you bring the laughter and we will party till dawn.  Thanks for all the memories my friends.

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