Back in Port Isabel

Hello world.  We finally have internet capability again after a LONG summer without it.  I will be updating this site as soon as I can get my mind around all of the things that has happened in our absence and gather a few pictures to show you.  In the meantime why don’t you post a comment here about what you have been doing?



Back in Colorado again

We are back in Colorado again!  It is good to be “home”.  On Sunday, May 4, we legt Flagstaff headed to Blanding or Monticello, UT for the night.  We had gone through the Indian Reservation, a route we usually avoid because of the bad roads but this time decided to try it because it was a hundred miles shorter than going through Gallup, NM and Cortez, CO then Moab, UT.  When we got to Monticello it was still early and because it was a Sunday afternoon thought that people would be leaving Moab and there would be plenty of RV spaces available.  After all, there are eight or ten large parks in Moab.  When we got to Moab and started calling around we got a rather unpleasant surprise.  All the spots were filled, there was not an empty RV spot in town at any cost and they are pricey in Moab.  So… due to poor planning on my part we drove all the way to Grand Junction from Flagstaff.  That is about twice the miles we usually try to travel on any given day.

We did get all settled in in the exact same spot we were in last year in Clifton, less than a half mile from our “home place” where I grew up.  The weather was nice for the first several days then got cold and nasty.  That seems to be the recurring theme for us this last year.  It was below freezing a couple of nights and snowed all around us.  The following Sunday we drove to Rifle to visit Bob, Korrine, Dottie and to attend church.  The forecast was for snow starting late afternoon.  They were right.  Just as we were leaving it was snowing all around us but we had dry roads all the way back to Clifton.  That storm dropped up to two feet of snow in the mountains around us but only a trace here in the valley.

All of our family here and all of our friends are doing well.  We are going to enjoy visiting with all of them.  Linda’s folks are doing well as is her sister Lenore.  We have terrible internet at the park we are staying at so I bring my laptop when we visit Lenore and piggyback on her internet to post here.  That is why I haven’t posted sooner or more often.  Anybody want to buy us an “air card” and ten gigs of internet a month>  Sure would be handy.  Verizon has some new plans so we are going to check those out next month when Linda’s phone is eligible for an upgrade.

The weather has changed again this last week and Summer seems to be on the way.  Soon we will be complaining about it being too hot.

Linda had a visit with the doctor here about her knee two weeks ago.  The doctor suggested a shot in the knee instead of surgery and then surgery later if that did not do any good.  Linda says her knee does not hurt as much but is still having a hard time walking very far because her hips hurt.  We are hopeful that the shot will help.  If so she may need one every three to six months to bring the inflammation down.  Keep her in your prayers please.

Till next time.



Oh Snap!

Cold snap that is.  The weather was warm and comfortable just long enough to draw us in and then look what happened!

DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0009

My poor little weather station could no keep up.  We had 5 inches of snow and 0.90 inches of moisture.  All of this happened on Friday night and Saturday.

Today is Sunday and the sun is back out, the temperature is climbing and the snow is melting.  It is going to be a beautiful day to be alive!

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