Durango and other news

Time to bring everybody up on all the news. First I must beg your forgiveness for not posting more often. Aside from being quite busy with many activities in the past few weeks my computer died. Not just crashed and needing rehab. Died. As in dead, will not bot dead. Dead as in cannot be recovered dead. Dead as in will not start enough to recover any data on the hard drive dead. Oh well!

We left Grand Junction Oct 3 and moved to Durango, CO. The Annual Durango Cowboy Gathering was scheduled for Oct 4 – 7. Gary nor I neither one had been invited but decided to go anyway because it is so much fun. We were not disappointed. We knew most of the performers there this year and had a great time. We met up with Devon Dawson who is the voice of Cowgirl Jessie in the Toy Story movies for supper at our favorite restaurant on Friday night. What a great time. A friend I had not seen in ten to fifteen years, Trey Allen was there and we had a great time visiting.

Otto Rosfeld and Trey Allen watching the parade in front of the Strater Hotel

We also saw Barry Ward and his lovely wife Victoria, from Elbert, CO and the Yampa Valley Boys from Steamboat Springs, CO and several others.

Durango hosts the largest non motorized parade in the country. It is really fun to watch. This year the U.S. Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard was there. This is the same unit that our son Bill rode with when he was on active duty. They are based out of Barstow, CA. It was a pleasure to see them in the parade and then get to visit with them later. Unfortunately they did not seem as sharp as they did several years ago but still stir the heart.

U.S. Marine Corps Mounted Co;or Guard

We also met up with a friend of mine from the “Phone Company” days. Dennis P Kohleiser III, who worked in Dillon, CO and now lives in Pagosa Springs, CO, along with his wife, Pat, came over to see us. Dennis is one fine fellow and I have always enjoyed being around him.

Dennis, me and Linda across the street from the Strater Hotel during the non-motorized parade in Durango, CO.

On Sunday Oct 7 we hooked up again and headed for Flagstaff. Seems there was this commotion getting ready to start and we wanted to be there for it. See the next post for the details.

L c}’-)

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