Eventful Week

We are back in the” weather from the north” cycle again.  Yesterday afternoon it was a sunny and calm 74 degrees then at 5:00 o’clock the wind shifted to out of the north and the temperature dropped to 50 degrees by 5:30.  Today it is, well I am not sure what it is, raining, almost but not quite, foggy, but more than that.  Wet and cold, dreary, a stay indoors and read a good book kind of day.

I don’t think I want to talk about the game.  What an embarrassment!  Might have been a better game if Denver had been able to catch their flight and make to the game but enough said.  Here are some pictures of our favorite Broncos cheerleader.

IMG_1348 (1) IMG_1352 (1)

We had gone over to our friends, Pam and Al Lunde’s to watch the game with a great group of friends and neighbors.  At half-time Sue, you know her, my sister – the one who likes to make wonderful cakes, even though she should be making me pies – but I digress – Sue made me an amazing birthday cake in honor of the Broncos making it to the Super Bowl.

20140202_190131 20140202_190504

I tasted every bit as good as it looks too.  She must have spent most of the day to make such an elaborate cake.  Mom used to love making specialty cakes like this and would be happy to see this one.  I am blessed to have such a great sister!

Yesterday morning at church we had a great class and a great lesson from Tom as usual.  Then we got a very pleasant surprise.  Two ladies from church decided they wanted to be baptized, Renea Swink and Jeanne Espinoza.  While Tom was setting up a time, Kelcie, Renea’s daughter also decided to be baptized.  Then after potluck Dalton, Renea’s son also made the commitment.  What a great experience to witness.  P.D., husband, father and brother to all four performed the baptisms.  That will be a day none will ever forget.  All of this put the Super Bowl in a much smaller context.

We went to a RV Show in Mercedes on Friday.  After dragging this big old trailer around for twenty thousand miles we thought we might prefer a motor coach.  There were lots of trailers and vendors but not a single motorhome.  So on the way back we stopped at a place that sells RV’s on consignment and looked at ten or twelve units.  They were all in rough shape and most didn’t have the amenities we want in our home.  The whole experience seems to have made us more happy with what we have.  The only advantage to changing to a motorhome is they are easier to handle on the road and parking.  Guess we will stay with our current home at least for now.  Knowing that what we have is as good or better than anything else out there is comforting.  One of life’s greatest blessings is learning to be content with what we have.  May you be content in your life as well my friends.


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