We got here Thursday afternoon and this is Tuesday evening.  It has been an exciting five days!  Thursday was excitement about seeing loved ones again.  Saturday was exciting getting settled in and spending time with family.  Sunday was exciting seeing friends at church again.  Jade was admitted to the hospital Sunday night for surgery on her ankle Monday morning.  Gemma, Amberlyn and Stone spent the night with us.  Monday morning was filled with messages to and from Lori about Jades progress.  We had to have the girls at school by 7:15 and 7:45 at two different schools.  Then Monday afternoon pick them up again and drive downtown Dallas, about 60 miles one way, to see Jade.  All day Stone kept Linda and I busy.  Jade’s surgery went very well.  She came home this evening after all the excitement.

Today Stone and Gemma spent the day with us again.  He can be a real handful but Gemma is a great help with him.  Gemma was feeling sick today and Ryan let her stay home from school.  Jade and Lori were supposed to come home this morning or early afternoon.  Perhaps you heard, there was a very strong set of storm cells that came through our area today.  The Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital had to go to “lock down” because tornadoes were headed towards them.  Amberlyn’s school also went to lock down.  I was following the storms on the Internet.  Tornadoes and trailers are like magnets!  Everything we have is in this trailer.  What to do?  What to do?

For a while it looked like the storms would stay west of us.  Then more cells fired up south of here and headed straight for us.  They looked like they would track east but then straightened its course this way.  We had no choice but to leave the trailer and seeks shelter.  Ten minutes of packing up the important things, try figuring that out at the drop of a hat, getting them loaded in the truck, loading the kids and leaving.  We have prepared “bug out bags” before so we knew what we wanted to take but it still takes time and effort to remember it all.  We drove a little north and then east to get between the two major cells.  It was a good choice.  We found a well built new looking fire station.  They were very gracious and allowed us to shelter there.  Several of the men came in and visited from time to time and one even gave Stone a badge sticker and some cake.  After a couple of hours waiting we came back to the trailer to find no problems.  Then we went to Lori’s for supper and to welcome Jade home.

Been and exciting five days.  There are no more storms forecast in the forseeable future.  No more surgeries scheduled and no drama on the horizon.  Who says life is dull?  Watching the news as I write this.  They say twelve tornadoes touched down in the area today.  Nobody we know suffered any damage that we know of yet.  There was a video of semi-trailers flying through the air.  It looks like they were at least 100 feet in the air.  I saw at least four flying at the same time.  Several hundred people are displaced tonight.  We feel very blessed to have not been hit.  Next year we will visit here in the fall and not the spring.

We thank all of you who knew about the storms and contacted us to see how we were doing.  It is comforting to know there are many people who care.  That is what is important in life isn’t it.  May your lives be filled with excitement too, but just the fun kind!  God bless!

L    c}’-)

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