Exciting Weekend

Saturday night I was extended a great honor.  I was asked to chauffeur Gemma and two of her friends to their first Homecoming Dance.  What a great time!  Stone, Gemma’s young brother was tapped as an escort for the ladies.  He had the honor of opening the doors and getting the ladies to the school door.  He did superbly once he got over his initial decision to not go.

The girls, like most fourteen year old freshmen, were giddy with excitement.  Their exuberance was contagious.  All three of the ladies, I can’t disclose names nor pictures because I do not have their parents permission yet, were beautiful in their evening attire.  After spending much of the afternoon “getting ready”, whatever that involves, us guys don’t have a clue, they were finally ready for their big debut.  Pictures and last minute retrieval of tickets and we were off, just fashionably late.  Although they were all extremely excited they still displayed impeccable manners, repeatedly thanking me for driving them around.  It was I who should have been giving thanks.  It was a joy.

The following morning at church Gemma and one of her friends were still wound up.  They both had to tell me how much fun they had and who danced with them and how much fun they had and …. You get the idea.

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Exciting Weekend — 4 Comments

    • She certainly is growing up. They all are. Including yours. We will be leaving here Thursday I think to head to Port Isabel. It will decide on the weather more than anything. Wish we could stay longer but the warmer weather calls to us. And we wish you would come visit. It is our family that keeps us young. Except if you are the parent of a child under the age of eighteen then it has the opposite effect.

  1. Glad to hear from you again–thought maybe you finally got caught! I’ve been telling people you are in Colorado, what the heck do I know!? Looks like you’re having fun and enjoying the kids. We will be heading down sometime in November. Not sure if Steve will deer hunt this year or not. I’m ready! I do enjoy the fireplace, but it’s gotten quite chilly out and I’m not comfortable with that. We’re going to see Stacy this weekend, then we’ll see.

    • There was a moment or two when the law was close upon my heels but they were dissuaded. We will be leaving here next week to head further south. Looking forward to seeing you when we both get there.