Family Time

We have been enjoying having family around to visit and play with the past couple of weeks.

My cousin Kay and her husband Ron Kuschel came and stayed in the park for a few days.  It was nice to see them again.  They are both interesting people and well versed on the current happenings around the world.  With children in or traveling to Singapore, Honduras and Europe they have interesting stories to tell.  It is good to here how well all the kids are doing.  Kay and Ron have a 22 foot Class A they have spent the last four months in traveling the United States.


Here is a picture of them leaving to go spend time with Kay’s Uncle Leon.  By now they are again on the road headed slowly back to Florida for the winter.  I neglected to get pictures of them.  It seems I just don’t like to interrupt our conversations for pictures.  While they were here Kay texted her cousin Kevin, Leon’s son, to see if they could get together.  To everybody’s surprise he is staying here in Collin Park so he just came over.  It truly is a small world.

We have been visiting with Mike and Francis Campbell, friends of ours from church here.  They are the nicest folks you could ever meet and so very gracious.  One of the greatest rewards of “living on the road” is all the wonderful people we get to meet.  They are a true inspiration to us.

Of course we are still playing with the Warren Bunch.  Yesterday, Thursday, Gemma had a District Track Meet in McKinney about twenty-five miles north of here.  We decided to go and support her.  You talk about a lot of energy!  There were over a hundred teenagers there to run Cross-Country.  Every single one of them was excited and alive.

Gemma ran her 5k (3.2 miles) and beat her best time again, 22:22.  She came in 19th in her race and was third on her team.  She was really pleased with the result.  The team came in third and will advance to the Regionals in two weeks.  She has been doing very well in Cross-Country this year.

DSC_0009  DSC_0011 DSC_0047 DSC_0051A

It was a beautiful day and the park they ran in was well kept and as you can see very open.  I loved watching the determination of the runners as they came by.  One of Gemma’s teammates lead the race the entire course and was several yards ahead of the next runner.

The weather here has continued to be cooler and more unsettled than before.  Likewise the weather in Port Isabel has been cooler also.  That means it is time to head that way.  Today we think we will leave here next Wednesday and take two or three days to get south.  That might change.


Nothing like a pleasant evening out and then coming home to a view of the full moon rising over the lake.  It is unfortunate that we have to live in such squalor.


Family Time — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Larry & Linda,
    It was so good to spend quality time visiting with you and your has been to long since we have had a chance to catch up. We especially want to thank Lori for bringing dinner and feeding us so well. It was great to meet you grand kids, all very well behaved and intelligent.
    We are back in Florida in a new villa in our old neighborhood. It will take awhile to get unpacked and settled in, but we were welcomed with open arms and a glass of wine. Nice to be home after a wonderful 4 month US tour.
    Thank you for your kind hospitality,have a great winter.
    Kay & Ron

    • I enjoyed our time as well and will pass along your words to Lori. Enjoy your winter and our friends. Hope to see you again soon.