Finally a little cooler

The summer monsoon in Western Colorado is in full swing and it has brought the temperatures down to comfortable levels.  We have been getting rain about three times a week and it has been wonderful.  The fruits and vegetables are all coming on now and we have been enjoying fresh “home grown tomatoes”, squash, and Olathe sweet corn.  We have not had any peaches yet as the Elbertas that I like are not in season quite yet.  Soon.  Linda and Lenore are making pickles this weekend.  I don’t think we will be canning anything else because we just don’t have room to store it but I might. be mistaken.  That happens around here from time to time.

Last Saturday we drove up onto the Grand Mesa hoping to get some pictures of the flowers, especially Columbines but they are about all gone.  I did get a couple of pictures of these purple flowers, weeds, whatever they are but that is all.  We did not see an Columbines.  I want to gather some seeds to scatter over Mom and Dad’s resting place but have not had much luck.

Next weekend I am going over to see Gary.  That should be a great time!  It has been far too long since we have been together so don ‘t anybody tell the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office about my visit.  I will be there Friday through Sunday so we won’t be able to get in as much trouble as we might.  Gary has been working long hours in order to finish up a project and it completes on Friday.  Then on Monday he has to fly to California for a meeting so we are “bookended” between his obligations.

I took the truck in for some needed work last week; lube, oil and filters and replace a tie rod on the front end.  Our extended warranty ran out at 75,000 miles, we have just over 76,000 miles or 5 years, July 16 so the tie rod was not covered.  Total cost $770.  Next week I have to take it in again to replace the oil pump, front crank seal and lower radiator hose.  Estimated cost: just under $1,000.  How in the world to they come up with warranties that last right up to the brink of failure but never seem to get to the point of paying major repairs?  Those people should be running the country.  They seem to have a crystal ball.  I guess the cost is just part of owning a vehicle.  The trailer too needs some work.  A couple of the covers on our slide-outs need replaced due to wind damage and we lost a cover to the opening for the power cable.  Always something.  Still it is cheaper than when we owned the house.  Repairs are actually less expensive and do not seem to come as often.

We plan to travel to South Dakota the first week of September.  Our plans there have been changed.  Originally we were going to leave the trailer in Clifton, travel to Rapid City then on to Yellowstone and then back to Colorado.  After checking on reservations in Yellowstone we have decided to cancel that part of the trip this time.  There are  very few motel rooms available and they are quite expensive, as in $225 a night.  We may try to do that trip at a later date and take the trailer.  We would like to see the northwest area anyway.

My class reunion is near the end of September here in Grand Junction and soon after that we will head toward Lori and Ryan’s for a few weeks and then go on down to Port Isabel for the winter.  Linda will be coming back in November for the Parish’s 70th wedding reunion.  She is not sure yet whether she will fly to Dallas and travel with Lori or if she will fly direct to Grand Junction.  A lot depends on whether Lori can go due to the date conflicts.  We had tried to get it scheduled for August but for some reason or another that did not work.  I would have liked to be there but the cost is just to prohibitive for both of us to fly back and it is way to far to consider driving back, especially that time of year.

Enough for now.



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