Fires in Colorado

The “official” fire season does not start until tomorrow in Colorado however somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature.  We currently have 11 active fires in Colorado.  One hundred seventy thousand acres and six hundred and fifty homes so far have been burned.  My Pard, Gary, had to evacuate his house in Colorado Springs due to the Waldo Canyon fire but has since been allowed to move back.

The only fire near us is the Pine Ridge fire west of Debeque and northeast of Grand Junction.  That is about forty miles west of us.  Everyday since it started the smoke has filled our valley and visibility has dropped to less than five miles.  Currently it looks like the fire is contained although the incident commander reports it is only 10% contained.  Fortunately the winds have died down statewide making it possible for the firefighters to make good strides in containment on all the fires.  It will still take several weeks to get all the fire out in each area.

The temperatures have been unseasonably hot and the humidity level is as low as it can get.  Colorado had the driest winter in many decades this year.  The spring runoff just didn’t happen.  At the first part of June all 42 reporting stations reported “no snow”.  The Colorado River is lower than I have ever seen it, even in winter.  The Yampa river to the north is flowing at 10% of normal.  All of the hillsides are brown and dry just waiting for a spark to start another conflagration.  We are under a stage 2 fire alert.  That means no open burning, no campfires even in established campgrounds and fire rings, no smoking outdoors, no gas powered equipment without spark arrestors, no fireworks, no nothing that might start a fire.

This morning we heard of two new fires that are not on the official list yet.  One near Gypsum, east of us thirty miles and one on Grand Mesa, twenty miles southwest of us.  We have heard no official news on these two yet.  As the summer progresses and the monsoon season starts we will start to get summer thunderstorms.  Some of these will drop a little rain but most will just be dry lighting storms.  Guess what that means.  More fires.

We are doing well.  All the family here is doing well too.  Our only concern is if the drought continues and the area we are in loses its irrigation water the well here could dry up.  All the irrigation water here is out of the Colorado river and there could be senior call rights to the water.  If that happens then the canal that feeds this area will be shut.  If the well does begin to have problems we will either move to Grand  Junction or Flagstaff depending on when we have to move.

We still have to go to South Dakota to get Linda’s drivers license and to re-register to vote.  Don’t even get me started on politics right now.  I am so angry and disappointed that it would be difficult to stay civil.  If you are not angry with what is going on then you are not paying enough attention. The Rule of Law, the Constitution and the American way of life are under attack.  Pray for our country and for our grandchildren who will have to live with the consequences of what is happening.  You and I will not have to worry, we will not survive for long without health care.  Happy thought isn’t it.

We would love to hear from all of you on what you are doing and where you are.  It seems that the more technological we become the easier it is to keep in touch but we don’t take the initiative to do it.  How about it?  Step up and post what is going on with you, or send an email or pick up the phone.  When is the last time you heard a loved ones voice?  Call em!

Bye for now.


L   c}’-)

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