Flagstaff Update

It has been a pleasant week here in Flagstaff. The weather has stabilized into relatively warm and sunny days with moderately cold nights. Much better than it could be. Bill and I hung his Christmas lights yesterday and did not need a coat. Afterwards we sat enjoying the sunshine and some quiet time together, a good day.

Linda has finished a quilt she was making and gave it to Bill and Summer yesterday. It turned out very feminine and pretty as they get.

Quilt Linda made with Summer’s suggestions.

Sienna is growing smarter and more alert every day, her eyes are becoming bright and focused and she is more attentive of everything around her. We are quite proud!

What is going on over there now?

That is the most interesting thing I have ever heard.

Don’t tell anybody but I think my Daddy is a Superhero of some kind.

I hope you don’t get too tired of the pictures of our newest grand daughter but she is the most important thing going here right now. That will change when the rest of the family gets here but for now she is the Queen. Hope all is well with all of you. I know some of you are having to put up with winter weather much worse than ours and others are struggling with job issues. Life is not always as easy as we wish but it is rarely as bad as it can get. May you always have enlugh and may you life always be interesting. until next time.

L c}’-)


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  1. She’s a cutie! Keep on posting those baby photos–I never see too many! How are Bill & Summer doing? Did she get a long break off work?

    We got to LIV last Thursday. It’s so nice here–in the 80’s, really haven’t had any wind. It’s so green here, they had some fall rains. The course is the nicest I’ve ever seen. Not many people around tho, nice and quiet for awhile. Already been golfing a couple times, to the flea market (best avacados ever!), watched the boat parade and golf cart parade. We weren’t in it this year, our cart isn’t working. We took it in yesterday, will probably get all new batteries–under warranty.

    I’m sure you’re looking forward to see all the family–it will be special. Keep in touch, we’ll save you a place. Love, Sue