We are finally in Flagstaff, AZ after our side trip to Fruita, CO.  Linda’s Dad celebrated his 90th birthday last Saturday with almost a hundred friends and family.  He was really surprised when Linda walked up to him.  He looked at her, stopped, looked again and then burst into tears of joy.  Linda’s Mom was just as surprised although she denied it all week long.  We had a great time visiting friends and loved ones.  The pictures from the party will get posted later.

Bob and Dottie came down to see us a couple of times.  She is sure growing.  Last Sunday we went to Rifle for church and to see them again before we left.  After church we went to lunch with Eddie, Ray, Ranelle, Becky and Bob at Fiesta Guadalajara.  It is times like that I am reminded just how precious our friends and family really are to us and how much they fill our lives.  After lunch we went out to Bob’s place where Korine and Dottie joined us.  We were there for two or three hours, not nearly enough, then had to leave to get back to Fruita.

On Monday morning we met up for breakfast with our friends Walt and Yvone, who had just gotten back the night before.  They have had a gruelling month in Houston and are happy to be home again.  Unfortunately they have been having some troubles with their new trailer and Walt has been in contact with the factory to find solutions.  I hope they get it all sorted out soon.  After breakfast we headed back to Gallup to pick up our trailer.  Everything was just as we left it.  The folks at the USA RV Park there are sure nice.  They made our side trip easier and less expensive than we expected.  The park is a great place to stay if you are ever in Gallup, NM.

Today is “Catch UP Day”.  We have laundry to do, house to clean and plunder to organize.  I sure hope Linda can get it all done quietly while I nap!  Not really, I do some of the work around the house too but she does do the bulk of it I think.  She thinks I do most of it so I guess it works out in the end.  I need to work some more on the wedding ceremony for Bill and Becky and post some books for those who want them as well as get the trailer set up the way we like it.  Busy, busy, busy!

I will try to get the pictures posted this week I promise.


L    c}’-)


Flagstaff! — 3 Comments

  1. Congratulations! 90 is quite a milestone. It must have been great fun to surprise everyone.
    How long will you be in Flagstaff?
    We are flying back to FL on the 21st. It was great to hear from you.

    • It was a great party. He is doing super for his age. It must be something about that good Colorado air. Mr.. Parish was so surprised to se Linda he broke down and cried.
      We will be in Flagstaff till mid June then we are heading to Rifle for the summer.
      Enjoy Ron’s posts on your travels as well. Hope to see you on of these days somewhere along the road.

  2. I can’t wait to see the photos. It was good to see you.
    Thanks for the update and glad you made it to Flagstaff safely!