Fourth of July Update

This has been the strangest Fourth of July I can remember.  Because there is such a high fire danger the State of Colorado has banned the use of personal fireworks state-wide.  Almost all of the towns in Colorado except the huge metro areas have cancelled their fireworks displays.  Yesterday, through this morning, I have seen or heard NO FIREWORKS what-so-ever!  Everyone here must understand the danger of starting more fires.  That is really hard to believe.  There are so many idiots out there that I knew someone would set them off anyway.  I am really glad I was wrong even though I miss the fireworks, they seem part of my soul.

I have not been feeling particularly patriotic lately.  The way the current administration has been circumventing the Rule of Law and the general apathy of Americans in general has put my in a blue funk.  As most of you know I have always considered myself a patriot, one who loves his country enough to fight for her when needed and one to fight with her when she is wrong, to get her back on course.  I am not a “nationalist”, one who says “My country, right or wrong”.  It is hard for me to watch current events and continue to have hope for the future of our country.  If people do not step up and take stand against what is happening, if they do not understand the importance of the Rule of Law and if they will not insist that our leadership obey our wishes or face replacement then I fear our country is doomed to decades of darkness.  That fear mutes my  celebrating our independence.  It is time again for the Sons of Liberty to ignite the flames of freedom in the hearts of our citizens.

On the fires that I had written about in my last post: there are still 11 wildfires in Colorado.  All are either contained or nearly contained by the firefighters.  To date Colorado has lost 170,000 acres and 605 homes to the fires.  To put it in perspective that is 265 square miles of forest destroyed so far with the summer just starting to heat up.  605 families who have lost almost everything they own, memories, pictures, heirlooms and their neighborhoods scarred for a very long time.  Many will not be able to recover from the loss due to not enough insurance, upside down mortages, emotional trauma and underemployment.  At least two people were killed in the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs and the last I heard several were still missing.  It will be a long summer.

The summer monsoon season is ready to start here now.  Yesterday we had a couple of very light rain showers.  Normally we would not say it rained it was so light but with the drought as severe as it is we count every drop.  This week brings a prediction of 30% chance of rain showers.  Of course with the summer monsoon comes our worst nemesis, dry thunderstorms.  I call these storms “Cheerleaders” because they are full of energy, lots of noise and lots of promise but nothing ever happens.

We will be headed to South Dakota soon to get new drivers licenses and to re-register to vote.  It will take several days to go up there and back.  It makes more sense for us to rent a car that gets better gas mileage than the truck.  The numbers actually come out even with the price of gas vs diesel and the rental rate but when you factor in oil changes and wear on the truck and tires it actually saves us money to rent a car.  The mail-forwarding service we use has RV lots and guest rooms we can rent at a reduced rate.  We can also use that address for voting purposes.


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