Fun Neighbors

We have been having a great time this week.  A dolphin watch finally.  Got to fly my four string kite finally.  Found a place to store our golf cart finally. Had a party on our lot finally.

I guess we work best under a little pressure.  Now that our time here is growing short and we have so many things we want to do before we leave we are motivated to get to them.  There is no possibility we will get to all of them but we marked off a few this week.  The dolphin watch was fun.

Dolphin checking us out

We did not see as many dolphins but the weather was perfect and the crowd was not large.  The boat crew knows us well because we always use the same tour company.  They offered us free beer from their personal supply as a token of their friendship toward us.  Several times one of the crew came up to the upper deck where we like to watch from to see if everything was alright.  The rest of the passengers were kind of curious why we got such special treatment.  The sunset was very nice.

Sunset over Port Isabel

The day Linda came back from Houston the village here had a Luau Party.  People went overboard decorating their tables.  We did not get to go but Sue and I stopped bu in the afternoon before I left for the airport.

As you can see, some of them were quite elaborate.  Everyone who went said it was a great party.

A couple of weeks ago an offshore drilling platform came up the channel.  Freighters and tankers and barges come through fairly often but not platforms.  There is a facility between here and Brownsville that builds and rehabs them.  When we first got down here there was an article in the paper that they had been awarded a new contract to build another platform.  The contract was worth $196 million.

We also had another exciting visitor lately.  This is a Harris hawk.  There are two pairs of them that have started frequenting the village.  This one was on the backstop on the 15th tee just behind our house.  I was able to get within 10 feet of it while taking pictures.  It set there for over a half hour.  Two different groups teed off just under it.  It was fun to watch the hawk watch the golfers watch the hawk.  We have had lots of coots on our ponds here.  They are a real nuisance pooping on the greens and being in the way.  The hawks have been eating one each every day.  Hope the hawks settle in and nest here.

Last night we finally had a party on our lot.  Parties are part of life here.  We had been reticent in hosting a party because there just is not enough room in the trailer for it.  The weather this week is perfect so we invited several friends over for snacks.  We really had a good time.  Linda fixed queso, crackers and cream cheese, and cookies.  Others brought so many goodies the table was overcrowded but it was worth it.

Our friend Don, Steve, our neighbor Russ and Sue

Having a good time with good friends

The party started at 5:30 and went quite late.  There is nothing like spending time with people you like.  Tonight there is another neighborhood party at the center for everybody who lives on this side of the golf course and anyone else who wants to come.  We are going to miss the activities here when we leave.  So just as the sun set on our party last night it is also setting on our time here.  But with the night comes a new dawn and we move on to other adventures on down the road.

Sunset at the party. "Our backyard"

L  c}’-)

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