Further South

We have finally made it all the way down to Port Isabel!  Now we can kick back and relax the rest of the winter.  But before I get to that I want to tell you about our last weeks in Wylie.

The last weekend we were in the Dallas area we were blessed to meet up with several of our “kids” from Rifle over the years.  Rich, “Richie” Savage and his wife Michelle hosted all of us in their beautiful home.  Their four boys were fun to watch as they interacted with all the chaos we brought.

Wendy Kitchens came and brought her mother Jackie and her aunt Sherri.  We had seen Wendy last spring briefly when she came to Lori’s church.  I am glad we got to her again because she is moving to New York City next month. It had been last summer or the summer before since we saw Jackie and Sherri.

The Dallas area is HUGE!  It was 55 miles, taking the short way on the toll roads, from Lori’s west to Rich’s.  Wendy had about as far to travel from the north.  and Quinn would have had that far a drive from the south.

Kelly Masterson and Quinn Hyrup were also going to come but issues came up and they were unable to meet.  They and all the rest were disappointed they did not get to come.  Perhaps we can do it again next fall.  Kelly had come out to Wylie to our house earlier to pick up some things her father Tim had sent down with us.  Her two boys are very polite and interesting in their own right.

I did not get pictures of everybody at the family gathering but I did get pictures of the most of the Savage Crew, Wendy, Stone, Lori and Gemma.  Enjoy.

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Now about Port Isabel.  We got here on Saturday afternoon and got the house set up.  We were so tired we stayed home Sunday morning instead of going to church.  Almost all of the chores are done so now we can start doing all the things we love to do down here.  We even set outside yesterday afternoon and soaked in the sunshine and read books.

Our friends from Vancouver, B.C., Barry and Barb Mathews stopped by today as they were playing golf.  Good to see them again.  They are a fun couple to know and we enjoy their company.  This afternoon I was sitting outside reading a book when another golfer couple told me that our friends Byron and Shirley from Pueblo have been having some health issues.  Byron and hip replacement and Shirley broke her ankle.  Jenny McBride is Byron’s sister so she and Ed are in Pueblo now helping them.

The park is still pretty quiet as most of the Snowbirds, or winter texans, if you prefer, have not arrived yet.  Soon it will get more lively and exciting.  But for now I like the peace and quiet and time to try to relearn the irritating habit they call golf.


This afternoon I was sitting out and

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