Happy Valentines Day

I do not think of myself as a particularly romantic kind of guy so days like Valentine’s Day do not raise a very big blip on my radar.  Usually Linda and I don’t exchange cards or gifts on these kinds of “holidays” because I fail to see the relevance.  Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have married such a tolerant woman?  Well I know I am.  This year I found something I knew Linda would enjoy so I bought it for her.  He lay hidden in our “basement” for almost two weeks.  She was quite surprised that one, I had done anything at all; and two, in this little creature:


There was just something about him that drew me to him.  Can’t quite figure out what it was.  Our little friend here also brought her a small bag of chocolates.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach because the starfish had washed up on the beach and we wanted a few because our lot is on Star Fish Drive.  Unfortunately by the time we got there they were all gone.  Either beach combers or the sea gulls had taken them all.  Still, it was a nice time although the weather was cloudy and foggy.

DSC_0022 Shrimp trawler slowly making her way back into port through the fog.DSC_0015

A look along the Jetty’s toward the Gulf.

Last Sunday the weather cleared and it was a gorgeous morning.  A circus was in town and had raised a large balloon to mark it;s location.  At first glance I had thought it was a balloon the Border Patrol was using to monitor the border.  They have several but theirs are much larger and are usually located several miles east of our location.


The same morning some egrets were eating along the pond next to our trailer and I got a few pictures.

DSC_0040 DSC_0038  DSC_0035 DSC_0033

Today the weather is on the upswing again.  It is supposed to be in the seventy’s and maybe even eighties over the next ten days or so.  Looks like winter may have finally left.  Everyone here has said several times that this has been the coldest winter they can remember.  Still it is probably much warmer than what you have had to endure.  We hope your weather is improving as well and that all is well with you.


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