We are still in Wylie, TX having fun with the kids and grand-kids.  The weather has been near perfect this last week with highs in the low eighties and nights in the mid fifties and humidity levels below sixty percent.  That changed overnight.  The gulf is pumping moisture our way and humidity levels have skyrocketed.  The cold front that is bringing wet weather to the Dakotas and Minnesota will arrive here tonight or tomorrow bringing intermittent rain.  Between one and a half to two and a half inches for most areas is being predicted.  This area could sure use the water.  Lake Lavon, where we are staying, is at 49%.

Last week we went to a T-Ball game Stone was playing in.  We saw lots of things happen you would never see at a major league game, such as a coach having to console a crying player, although some MLB players seen to cry a lot when it comes to salary or discipline issues.  There was a lot of playing in the dirt instead of watching the ball, looking at the sky and running around lost.  It was fun.

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Gemma is still running Cross Country and doing very well.  Jade is preparing to audition for an upcoming musical.  Amberlynn is anxious for basketball to start up soon and has been staying at our house most weekends.  We really enjoy getting to spend time with the kids.


Jade just found out about this site.  Let’s see how long it takes her to see herself on the internet.

Enough for now.  We are going into town to play with the rest of the family.


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