It was my birthday

I have no excuse for not posting here more often.  I am retired and have all day to write but it seems something always comes up that pulls we away from the computer and out into the sunshine.

We have been busy planning what we are going to do with our new yard here in Long Island Village.  New plants, perhaps a lawn ornament of some kind and maybe some brick borders have been the recent discussion.  Maybe we will just keep it simple and spend more time at the beach.  I have been working around the trailer and our storage shed here doing small repairs and changes.  That seems to take more time than it should too.  Golf keeps getting in the way.

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am a full day older!  Linda and I spent the day just being together, going to the store and enjoying life.  Then last night Sue and Steve took us to the Shrimp Haus for supper.  The food was excellent.  They all had the all you can eat shrimp while I had the Pepper Jack stuffed shrimp with a jalapeno cream sauce.  Great choice.  Afterwards we went back to Sue and Steve’s for cake and ice cream with about twenty friends.  We had a great time and I felt really honored.  It is humbling to know people care for you and like you.  I believe that friends are the most valuable thing we can have.

Sue worried all week about the cake she was going to make.  That’s right, cake.  She still is denying her responsibilities on providing a pie each month as stated in a signed contract that was awarded to me by her son Sam but I digress.  Sue was afraid the cake would be bland or would not turn out the way it should.  Silly Girl!  Mother used to make each of us special cakes for our birthday or special occasion.  I remember a cake made to look like a shirt I got one year, a sleeping bag cake for Dad, an angel for Sue.  She always got angel food cake while I always go devils food cakes.  But I digress again, that is a story for a later day.  Look at this cake!  I think it is the best cake I have ever gotten.  The white and blue is white cake while the red is red velvet.  It tasted wonderful and looks even better.

I have an AWESOME sister!

Thanks to all of you who wished me well on my birthday.  To the rest of you, I know you would have to if you had known so I will thank you as well. May God bless each of you with His Peace and Grace and may you be as blessed as I feel.  Thanks for being my friend.  Even though we do not talk often all of you are in our thoughts more than you realize.  Live life like someone left the gate open!  Go!  Enjoy!


L  c}’-)

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