It’s A Girl!

For those who did not know, Bill and Summer are expecting in the middle of October.  Friday they found out it is a girl!  We are as excited as a puppy with two tails.  Bill and Summer both will be exceptional parents.  They both have the hearts and skills to raise great children.  Linda and Summer spent Friday afternoon buying fabric for comforters and receiving blankets.  They were like kids in a candy store.  The excitement was palpable!  Linda will be sewing this week I am sure.  Friday evening we went to supper with Bill, Summer, Theresa and Lloyd (Summer’s mom and husband) to celebrate the wonderful news.  All of us are very happy!

Last night was cold by our standards.  The low was 26.  Today is going to be warmer and the wind of the last few days is dying down.  Overall the weather here has been near perfect.  Highs in the 70;s and 80;s and lows in the 50;s.  Clear blue skies, pine trees and mountains, what more could a person ask!

This morning we were entertained by a young couple who had parked next to us late last night.  They have a brand new, obviously expensive, motor home.  This morning he went out and disconnected the power cable and started the generator.  It took a while, he couldn’t figure out how to open the doors to the generator.  Finally he got it started and went inside to start the diesel engine.  While the engine was warming up and the air pressure building he lowered the chassis unit.  Then he didn’t have enough air pressure to raise it again.  He did finally find how to raise the jacks that support the bus while camped, then eventually got the chassis raised again.  After about ten minutes of fiddling with the controls on the dashboard he turned off the generator (never did decide why he started it), put on his seat belt and started out.  We sure hope he learns how to run everything before he ruins something.  It looked to me that the rig was in the $400,000 price range.  We all have to learn the ropes but that is a lot of money to practice on!

Farewell for now my friends.  I posted some cartoons and thoughts about Memorial Day on my alternative website: Cowboy Politics if you are interested.


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  1. Just read your last few entries to “catch up” on what you folks are up to. Congrats to Bill and Summer (even though I don’t know them. Sounds very exciting for the grandparents as well. It was nice of you two to go to Linda’s dad’s birthday party. 90 is a pretty special one. Kay and I spent two weeks in San Francisco with our daughter Lea. I had never been to SF before. Kay had been there on two short visits in the past. We had a great time. There is much to see and do in SF. I especially enjoyed walking amongst the redwoods in Muir Woods. Wow – those gigantic, ancient trees are awesome! We toured Alcatraz and climbed around underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. We ate at some great restaurants, saw the Cable Car museum, Pier 39, and spent alot of time in Golden Gate park which is only 3 blocks from Lea’s house. We also made a side trip to the Lake Tahoe area. Seeing Lake Tahoe was on our bucket list – and man was it ever something to see. Very, very, beautiful. On our last day there we attended a 7 mile footrace that turned into a parade of strangely dressed (and undressed) folks from SF. 57,000 people participated in the race/walk. The weather was mostly in the 60’s and sunny while we were in SF. Nice, but cool with the winds off the Pacific. We are now back in Florida. The temps are in the 90’s each day so we are biking and hiking in the mornings and evenings and swimming during the day. Tough schedule, I know, but we are doing best. We are not sure of our summer plans at this time. We will let you know when we figure it out.


    • Ron:
      I really enjoyed your posts and the pictures of your trip to the Left coast. You should consider starting a blog of your own. Your writing is excellent and you have a unique perspective on what you see.
      L c}’-)