It’s Texas Time Again.

We are currently in Wylie, TX visiting our daughter Lori, her husband Ryan, their children Gemma, Jade, Amberlynn and Stone.  WHEEEE!  The excitement never stops.  Linda and I are used to solitude, quiet evenings and little noise.  Boy!  Has that ever changed!  These children are busy all the time.  There is never, really n.e.v.e.r. a quiet moment around them.  They are so full of life they don’t know how to slow it down.  And who would ask them to do that?

Ryan is still working at DFW airport providing security.  He was given a temporary promotion to supervisor lately and is enjoying his job.  Lori is an Aide at the elementary school and is hoping to change classrooms.  Her current assignment has proven to be a challenge and the new opportunity would be much better.  She should know next week.  Gemma is a Freshman in high school this year and is very excited about it all.  She is in track as a long distance runner, she runs 5K (3.2 mile) races.  I don’t know why but she enjoys it a lot.  This weekend she was selected to go with the varsity team to Austen for a meet.  Only six runners got to go.  She came in tenth in her race out of about 200 and beat three of her upper class members.  This is the second week in a row she has been selected to run with the varsity team.  It looks like she may “Letter” as a freshman.  Jade is in band, playing the bass clarinet, and is doing superb.  Ambetlynn just turned eleven and has all the angst that age brings.  She loves basketball and is a star player for her team.  Stone just started Kindergarten and is finding his niche there.

We are back at Collin Park on the shore of Lake Lavon.  It is quiet here, when the kids are not visiting.  It has been unseasonably warm here since our arrival but this morning brought much cooler weather.  Between nine and ten this morning the temperature fell from 75 to 55.  Unfortunately it did not bring any measurable moisture with the cold front.  North Texas, just like much of the west, is still suffering through a drought.  The lake here is eleven feet below average.  That is serious because it is the drinking water supply for a large metro area.  We plan to stay here until about the end of October when we will finally head further south to Port Isabel for the winter.

Last night we went to a local high school football game.  It was a cross-town rivalry between Wylie High School and Wylie East High School.  Both are large 4A schools with good teams.  The high school stadium would seat, in my estimation, five thousand fans and it was mostly full.  It had artificial turf surrounded by a modern track covered in what I would describe as rubber.  There is an announcers booth over the entire home team side of the stadium.  Lots of pomp and ceremony from before the game to afterwards.  Texas takes its football seriously.  It was fun to see all the pageantry as well as the voracious spirit of the fans.  The game was well played and I was impressed by the quality of the coaching and the skill of the players.  It was not at all like the games I have seen in the past.  Nothing like traveling to a foreign country.  I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

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