Leaving Texas and Flagstaff

The picture one the home page is of the restrooms here at the Kit Carson RV Park in Flagstaff.  I am glad we are not “Overnighters” and have to us the “facilities”.  Actually, the commode was there for a day or two until the park got around to replacing one of the existing units.  I think.

Tomorrow we hit the road again.  This time we are going from Flagstaff to Fruita.  It has been a pleasant month in Flagstaff and we are going to miss Bill, Summer and Sienna and the nice weather.  This time of year is perfect here, cool nights warm but not hot days and lots of sunshine.  In contrast it is in the 90’s already in Fruita.  We have really enjoyed our time here.  Sienna is so much fun to watch.  Her mind is constantly grasping new concepts and trying them out and she is always smiling.  I don’t think I have ever seen a happier baby!  And for good reason.  She is the center of her parents universe and they are constantly reaffirming her importance.  It is fun to see.  They are such good parents.  I don’t have any new pictures of Sienna but will have tomorrow.  Problem is we will be on the road tomorrow and Thursday but I promise to post more later.

Just before we left Wiley our niece (daughter), Debbie came down from OKC to visit with us.  It was a short, one day visit but we all enjoyed it.  It was especially nice because we were getting ready to leave and so were they.  The Etzwiler’s now live in Great Falls Montana where Shane took a new job with Herbergers.  It was good to see them one last time before the move.  The girls are all growing up fast and just like their Mommy are beautiful.  DSC_0047 DSC_0118DSC_0063 DSC_0143

Goodbyes are always hard, trust us we know because we have to do it a lot.  But that also means we get to say “Hello again” often too.  This past weekend we took a quick trip to Las Vegas to visit Kelly and family and Aunt Betty and Rosalie.  Kelly opened their spacious and comfortable home to us and we felt very welcome.  Their boys, Tyler and Nathan are very polite and well behaved.  I have no idea how that happened considering their maternal lineage.  Craig is still in the Air Force and enjoying his work.  Kelly has been going to college studying biology, chemistry and the kind of courses that make most of us chance but she excels at it.  She is taking this summer off and only taking an online English course.  We really enjoyed our time with them and the chance to reconnect.


Sunday morning we went to Betty and Rosalie’s home.  Their home too is spacious and their back yard is huge.  It is a beautiful home.  We went to breakfast and visited then back to the house for more catching up.  Everybody seems to be doing well.  Betty’s sister, Elsie, lives with them and needs constant care so Rosalie’s son Mark came over to watch her while we were gone.  It was wonderful to see everyone again.  Rosalie is talking about having a Glenn family reunion within the next year if we can find a time when most of the family can come.  That would be fun.  I still remember fondly the reunion of ’52 in Long Beach and the one in Fruita in the 70’s. and the one in Las Vegas, was that in the 80’s?  We are looking forward to the reunion.  There are so many family members we seem to have lost contact with over the years and it will be good to reconnect.  There is nothing more important than family.

And so, tomorrow we move on, headed from family to family.  Always sad to leave but looking forward to the next meeting.  We have made some new acquaintances here and will enjoy their company when once again we return.  In the meantime there are roads to travel, new friends to meet and family to hold.  Adios Flagstaff.  Goodbye for now to Summer, Bill and Sienna and get ready Fruita, here we come!

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