Life in Rifle

We have been getting rain again lately.  It is sorely needed.  It looks like we have had about 3/4 of an inch in the last five days.  I have been irrigating for Edie because she doesn’t do well in the heat of the day.  The neighbor we share the ditch with has been gone for four days and when he came back decided he did not want the water yet.  I never thought I would say this but even in this drought, we need to shut off the water for a while.  Everything is wet deep and needs to rest.

Saturday we went up Rifle creek to Three Forks and had a picnic lunch.  Then on the way back down were going to stop at Rifle Falls and just relax for a while.  But, on the way down we met up with the Roe family who was up there for a family picnic so we joined them for an hour or so.  It was really nice to spend time with them.  They are some of our favorite families and their kids are “our kids” too.  Rifle creek is one of my cherished places.  As a kid when we got the chance to go there it seemed almost magical because the water was so pure and cold and the whole canyon was quiet like no place else.  We used to pick wild watercress out of the creek and make sandwiches when we went with the Reid family.

Now the canyon is world famous for the sheer cliffs that the rock climbers like to use.  Where we were picnicking apparently is a favorite spot of some of the rock climbers.  There were two tables there, and we were using both as we had a large party.  A climber drove up and stated angrily  that we were taking up too much room and he “wanted to park there”.  I explained that there was a place to park across the road if he wanted but we were using this spot.  Then later several climbers walked through our site, and I mean through.  One girl even pushed her way through us as we were talking instead of going five feet around us.  Why is it that people think that it is all about them?  What has happened to being civilized and courteous?  Even Rifle Creek, my favorite place of relaxation has become rude.  Regardless we had a good time.

Yesterday after church and lunch some of us went to the VA Nursing Home in Rifle for our monthly devotional with them.  It is always a great experience.  While there I saw Tom Fritzlan, father of Vickie Zang, and a man I had helped feed his horses when he was laid up for a while.  He is an interesting man, very independent, strong willed and opinionated.  I like him.  He has on of the strongest grips I have ever encountered.  When he shakes your hand he looks you right in the eye and squeezes hard.  You know you have had your and shook!  His grip is still strong but doesn’t bring tears to your eyes now.  As I looked around at the other patients there I wondered about their lives  and what stories they could tell if you could get them to open up.  Old, worn-out bodies, some worn-out minds but still lives that meant the world to many.  A treasure trove of knowledge now sitting alone and unused.

Next weekend is the annual church camping trip.  This year it is at Meadow Lake up on the flattops.  Linda is not interested in going and I haven’t made up my mind yet.  It seems like a lot of work to go to Fruita, get all the gear, prepare the food, set up camp, then tear it all down, load it up, clean it and take it back to Fruita just for Friday night and Saturday.  It will be fun though to be up there again and spend time with those I love.

I am trying to get Cowboy Politic up again.  This is the site where I do my ranting about the current state of affairs.  I have finally encouraged a couple of other folks to post on the site as well.  Check it out.  If you want to comment it is open for that.  If you would like to post on a somewhat regular basis let me know and I will get you set up.  It is quite easy once you see the layout.  Just let me know what you want your username to be and whether you wish to hide your identity.  It is good to vent so go ahead.  I would love to get a lively discussion going there.


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  1. It’s funny–I check your blog to see if you’ve written anything and am disappointed when there isn’t anything. I just happened to wonder what I would blog about and realized all I really want to hear is day to day stuff! It would be hard to write about my daily routines tho. Somehow, you make it interesting.

    We’re doing fine, busy with harvesting oats now (well, Steve is). The garden is much too big and producing more than we will ever use. I will start canning in a few days. I think I’ve eaten fried zucchini almost everyday for 10 days–not tired of it yet. Tomorrow we will have our first eggplant. Cherry tomatoes are on in full force, beans a few days away.

    I have finished up some refinishing projects I had in the garage. Years of indecision made for a large pile–I finally decided any decision is good and am happy with what I’ve done. I need to quit hauling home odd furniture tho! So keep writing, I do check on you.

    • Sue, sorry I haven’t kept up with the blog as often as I should have in the past week or so but YOU talked me into going camping (see story above). Be sure to pickle extra okra and beets for me this winter. I am too lazy and travel too much to have a garden so will have to be the “lazy, playful grasshopper” and rely on the “hard working ant” for my winter sustenance. Thank you for the kind words about my writings but I must say that almost every time I read something you write it makes me laugh and look at things in a new light. Mother had a great gift of being able to communicate with anybody in a very interesting way, I guess we were influenced more by her than we know.

  2. Sorry to hear of those climber’s bad behavior. I had to put up with alot of folks like that when I managed state parks. These are the same folks that got their way by throwing a fit when they were kids. We sure could use some good old fashioned manners. Alot of this can be traced back to the lack of good parenting and family values. It is sad and frustrating to be forced to endure these folk’s antics.

    On a brighter note Kay and I will be going to MN for a couple of weeks in August and early September. I am going to spend some time with my mother. Kay is going to fly to Singapore.

    • Ron, you are right about these kids being brought up without respect for themselves or for others. They sure make our kids look good though in spite of their parents faults. I wish I could go back to Singapore. It was one of the most interesting places I have ever been. Since 1967 I am sure it has changed a lot.

  3. Glad to hear you got rain. I wonder how the fires are–are they out or under control? The news media makes me so mad…they cover one story until you’re sick of it, then move on to the next BIG story, ignoring follow-ups. Colorado has had a very bad summer, all so sad.

    My opinion is YES–go camping. How much fun is it to stay home–we do it all the time! Do something different, see people, remember why you love your bed so much!

    • Funny! I did go camping, partly because of your statement to “remember why you love your bed”. Had fun too.