Now For The Big News

It’s A Girl
The real reason we hurried here is because Bill and Summer were expecting. The doctor has been checking the progress all along and according to all the charts the baby was over ten pounds. Consequently a C-Section was scheduled for Wednesday Oct 10. Sure enough, on Wednesday, here she came right on schedule but she weighed in at 8lb 13oz and 22 inches long. Sienna Nichole Glenn! Still a pretty big baby, oh and did I say she is pretty? She is! Beautiful is more like it. Just a lovely little Lassie to such good parents.

Sienna Nicole Glenn on her first day in the world.

Nana and Sienna getting to know each other

Summer and Sienna sharing the love of Mother and Daughter

Medicine has progressed more than I knew since the time our children were born. Doctors can now diagnose things immediately, things that used to take several months and already have solutions at hand. After a couple of bumps Sienna and Summer were ready to come home on Saturday.

Our newest Bronco fan prepared to go home for the first time

I told you she was beautiful! Today she is a whole week old and doing well. She is very contented most of the time but when she wants fed or picked up you know it. Her lungs appear to be FULLY developed and strong. In every respect she is healthy and strong and ready to meet the world.

We are so proud of Bill and Summer and know they will be great parents. It is going to be a real joy to watch their life change and grow with Sienna.

L c}’-)


Now For The Big News — 4 Comments

  1. She is a beautiful baby! So glad for Bill & Summer–they will be awesome parents. I know you’re both enjoying being there and helping out.

    It’s starting to get cold here, and I read about people heading south already. We would normally leave right after deer season, but will wait for our newest baby. Also, we are building fence and don’t know how long that will take.

    There’s a good chance Stacy & Gomer will be down for Christmas. It’s too bad you will probably miss seeing each other, but another time. Keep up the blog, I enjoy it and love the photos.

    • Hi Sue:

      Getting colder here too but guess we will stick it out until Christmas. You are right about Bill and Summer, they already are great parents with a strong love for Sienna and are doing all the right things. I am sorry we will miss Stacy. She is such a great joy to be around the way she enjoys life and brings a huge smile everywhere she goes. See you in January.

  2. we really enjoy your posts, the pictures are great. The last ones made me homesick for Colorado. We don”t get there often enough.
    Congrats on your beautiful new grandaughter, how long will you be in AZ?
    Hope to see you soon

    • Hi Kay:

      We will be here until just after Christmas. The whole family has not been together for Christmas in nine years so this year we are ALL coming to Flagstaff. I would have preferred to be in Port Isabel and the warm instead of here in the snow but Bill and Summer do not want to travel with Sienna yet. It is going to be a great time. We would love to have you come to TX between January and April. There are lots of park models for rent if Sue and Steve can’t put you up.