On the Road AGAIN

Good morning from the snowy location of Western Colorado. I know. The last time we visited we were in Flagstaff, so why are we back in Colorado! Last week Linda’s mom’s foot started hurting her so bad she could not walk on it. Muscle cramps and other assorted age related issues seemed to be the problem. Lenore had already purchased airline tickets to go see her daughter, Donna, in Tuscon. Mom needed someone around to make sure she and dad go fed, taken to doctors, etc. and there didn’t seem to be anyone else who was willing or able so we drove up from Flagstaff on Tuesday.

We will be here until Lenore gets back next Tuesday or longer if needed. om and Dad seem very glad to have us here again. They both had big smiles on their faces when we arrived. Dad knew we were coming but Mom did not. She would have tried to convince us not to come because she didn’t need the help.

Yesterday it rained in Fruita and the wind blew. There is snow all around us on the hills. The forecast last night was for 1 to 3 inches in the hills around here and Rifle. It is supposed to snow again this evening with the possibility of snow in the valley here. Not my idea of ideal weather! That is why we try to winter in Port Isabel. It is in the mid-eighties there now.

hope all is well with all of you and that you lives are interesting. Visit again soon.

L c}’-)

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