On the Road Again!

We have left our family in Wylie, TX and are on the move again.  Today we are in Quanah, TX on our way to Gallup, NM where we will drop the trailer and drive to Fruita, CO.  Linda’s dad is celebrating his 90th birthday on the 5th.  Lenore has a surprise party planned on Saturday so we will be there.

It is always sad to leave friends and family when we travel, however we have found that we actually get to see more family more often now than we did before we started.  That still does not make parting any sweeter.  Watching the tears well up in the eyes of your loved ones as you drive away is almost enough to make us stay.

Today Jade gets the cast off her leg.  She has been suffering from a terrible itch under the cast for the last week or two and it has almost driven her to tears several times.  She will still have to use the crutches for another couple of weeks until her ankle strengthens up again.  Gemma’s play was a great success and she did an outstanding job with her part.  Amberlyn is becoming a nice young lady and a joy to be around.  Stone is an energetic boy who is fearless and inquisitive.  Ryan has been feeling poorly lately and was slated for a doctor’s  visit this week to see what is wrong.  He is working two jobs and helping with the kids.  A schedule like that would kill most of us.  Lori’s calender is finally beginning to be less crowded.  They are a busy family.

After Fruita we will go back to Gallup, pick up the trailer and head for Flagstaff, AZ to spend time with Bill and Summer.  Our mutual friends, Bill Rackley and Becky Hinson, are getting married on June 9.  He asked me to do the ceremony for them.  I am quite honored.  Bill is a really good man and I have a lot of respect for him.  He works for the sheriff’s department too and was in the Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard as was our Bill.  They did not ride at the same time however.  I first met Rackley at hunting camp on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon several years ago.

Time to hit the road so goodbye for now.  Tonight we will stay in Santa Rosa, NM then tomorrow to Gallup.  Yesterday we drove 240 miles, today will be 315.  That is about my limit for a day of pulling the trailer.  Longer than that and I get too tired and start making mistakes.  This will be our longest leg of this trip except for the drive from Gallup to Fruita.  But there I will not have the trailer so will be much easier.

May God continue to bless each one of you with His Peace and Grace.


L  c}’-)


On the Road Again! — 2 Comments

  1. Glad you could make it to the party. It wasn’t a surprise for them. But they enjoyed you surprising them!
    It was good too see you. You need to spend another weekend or week or month with your other daughter…..lol. Love you both

    • I would love to spend more time with you! You and your family are so much fun to be around. Perhaps next Spring we might make it that way for a short visit. We are trying to stay out of north Texas and Oklahoma in the spring due to the severe weather at that time. We had originally planned on coming through in November but our plans have been changed. Love You!