Viewed from the water


This is in Long Island Village at Port Isabel, TX.  We rented on this lot in 2008 and 2009.  It is on the Inter-coastal Shipping Channel so we had a great view.  We often saw dolphins playing in the water or large shipping barges being pushed by tugboats.

In 2010 a friend of the owner bought the empty lot for a reported $125,000.



Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction, CO


This is a view of our trailer in Grand Junction, CO at the Junction West RV Park located on 22 and H road.  We stay here because it is the best RV park near Fruita, CO where Linda’s family lives.  The park is all gravel and is well maintained.  The people who own the park are super folks.  Grand Junction is hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  Spring and Fall are wonderful.  Lots to do around this area and lots of scenic day trips.


Kit Carson RV Park

Flagstaff Nov 2010


This is Flagstaff in November, 2010.  We stay here to visit Bill and Summer.  Kit Carson RV Park is located just a half-mile from their house.  Filled with tall pine trees, large lots and squirrels we always enjoy our stay here.  The park itself is quiet although you will hear trains anyplace in Flagstaff.  It is close to shopping, dining and entertainment.  The weather is good April through October.  It can winter pretty hard here so don’t plan on staying during the winter season unless you are prepared for it.

How did that chair get up there any way?

Sue and Steve’s Yard in Minnesota


Sue and Steve live in northwestern Minnesota just four miles from Lake Itasca, the headwaters of the Mississippi River on a 400+ acre homestead.  Mother was diagnosed with cancer so we came up to spend her last moths with her.  Summers are very pleasant, winters not so much.  Below zero is the norm in winter.  Fishing is great all year I hear although you will not find me out on the ice.



Collin Park

Collin Park Wylie, TX


Collin Park is located on Lake Lavon just north of Wylie, TX where Lori, Ryan and the kids live.  The lots are huge, the park quiet and off the beaten path.  It is difficult to get a site here as most of the lots are full of permanent residents.  Wylie is east of Plano and northeast of Dallas.  It gets very hot here in the summer.  Winters are tolerable but not pleasant.  It is twelve hours from here to Port Isabel where we winter.


The neighbors come to visit

Edie’s place Rifle, CO


Edie Goldman, a good friend of ours, from Rifle, CO has a small place just east of town.  She is gracious enough to allow us to stay on her place.  She would like us to stay for free but we insist paying our own way.  In this pictures you can see why I like staying there so much.  We have such good neighbors!  And the church family is close as is Bob and Dottie.  Rifle is cooler than Grand Junction year-round, gets a little more snow but is less crowded.  We lived in this area for about 35 years and have many friends in the area.


Garden of the Gods RV Park

Garden of the Gods RV Park


This is Garden of the Gods Campground downtown Colorado Springs.  It is surprisingly quiet and comfortable.  All the lots are gravel but the park is well maintained.  All but winter is comfortable here.  My Pard, Gary, lived in Colorado Springs at the time we visited here.  He now lives in Palmer Lake so we visit him there.




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