Port Isabel, TX

Lot 581


We stayed in this lot the winter of 2010/2011.  It is two doors from Sue and Steve’s house.  The 18 hole par three golf course is to the left of this picture.  We were on the 11th green.  Our new lot, 588, is behind the trailer and down the street.  It is on the 15th tee.



Ice on the Golf Course


This is a picture of the golf course from the end of the trailer the morning after an ice storm came through.  The temperature got down to 27, there was rain and wind and hail.  We were without power for 19 hours.  Our trailer is self-contained, we use 12v batteries for lights and furnace fan, have our own water storage and use LP gas for furnace and cooking.  We had lots of company as we were one of the few homes with heat and hot coffee.



Ice on plants


This is just wrong!  There should never be ice on tropical plants or palm trees.


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  1. That is just wrong. There should never be ice when one is that far south, unless it is with a cocktail.
    Just found your new site today when I was doing some research on you and Linda. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying Texas. Allen

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