Quick Post

Not much new here this week.  Weather is still doing it’s thing, colder, rainy, wind from the north then humid, warmer and wind from the south.  We have had several days of really nice weather lately but this morning the a cold front came through, the wind picked up out of the north, the rain started and the temperature is dropping.  Our warmest temperature today was a midnight this morning, 67 degrees.  By noon it was down to 57 and by tomorrow morning is expected to be in the low forties.  Still not bad for this time of year but as you know we are spoiled.

A couple days ago we bought some naval oranges to eat.  They were exceptionally large so thought I would share a couple pictures with you.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0005

That is a beer can setting next to them so that you can get a perspective.  Texans tell you
Everything is bigger in Texas”.  That may or may not be true but if so then they had to enlarge these oranges after they shipped them in from California.  They taste pretty good but smaller fruit tends to be more juicy than the larger ones.  But it is fun to see food this size.  The rind is over a quarter inch thick.  One orange is more than enough for both Linda and I to snack on in the afternoon.

May you also find small pleasures in the simple things.


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