Rain Again!

I know.  Rain isn’t news.  It happens a lot.  It has been happening since the beginning of time or there abouts.  But not here.  It has been unseasonably hot and dry here but last night it rained all night and past noon today in Rifle.  What a welcome relief.

The only other news we have to offer is we have moved.  We usually stay at Junction West RV Park on 22 road and did until a week or so ago.  Due to the combination of the heat, with very little shade, the odor from the valley-wide sewer plant and a neighbor who just couldn’t leave us alone we decided to move somewhere a little cooler.  Because we still need to be near Linda’s family we only moved to Clifton to the RV Ranch Park were they have shade trees and grass.  It is less than a half-mile from our old “home place” on 32 road and is convenient to I-70 and is cheaper so the extra fuel cost to get to Fruita is more than offset by the reduction in cost.  We hated to leave Junction West because the folks who own it are so nice and friendly but we just got tired of the problems.  In fairness to our neighbor, had we both been a little more considerate of the other we might have fared better.

In the coming weeks we need to get some maintenance work done on the truck.  After all the miles we have put on it we need to spend some money and bring everything back to like new condition.  I am not looking forward to the bill but is just part of owning any piece of machinery, it has to be maintained.  The trailer too is due for some work so it will be a couple of expensive months for us while we are here.

Linda’s sister, Lenore, and her daughter Dani have spent the weekend canning.  Currently Linda is helping Lenore make Lime Pickles.  The local fruit has finally come in season, about two weeks late, and smaller than usual due to the strange weather this summer.  Herman produce who owns our grandparents place in Palisade said this is the worst year in 22 years.  About the only thing missing so far from the mix is a strong hail storm but the monsoon season is still young anything is possible.  What fruit and vegetables that are available are sweet and juicy so we are happy.

Enough for today.  Enjoy you day.



Rain Again! — 3 Comments

  1. We should share some of our rain with you. We’re 2 inches above the normal for July at 7.57 inches so far this month. Just shy of the record set in 1919 of 7.58 inches!! I’m also jealous about the peaches. You should bring some to us this weekend.