Rain and More Rain

It has rained the last two afternoons, dropping a total of 0.55 inches.  I know that doesn’t sound like much rain to most of you but here it is a welcome gift.  This afternoon it is cloudy and cool.  The daytime temperatures have dropped about ten degrees since the monsoon season started and the nights are comfortably cool.  The only downside is the Annual Rifle Air Show had to cancel two performances due to the weather.  We did not go to the airport but watched it from the house.  We are only about a mile and a half from the airstrip and almost directly across from the terminal so we had ring side seats.  The night time performance was particularly fun to watch.  All the planes had strobes attached all over them and made quite a spectacular show.

Life is strange.  I have been helping Edie irrigate the last few days and am really enjoying myself.  I remember as a kid having to irrigate all summer, all day long and I do not ever remember it being fun.  Funny how when you are doing it for someone else it is more fun than doing it for yourself.  I sure hope none of my friends here call and say they have hay to put up and wondered if I would like to help.   I have done that enough to know it is not as much fun as it looks like.  There has to be limits to what a man will do for a good time.

L   c}-)

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