Rain! We got rain!

Finally!  After several weeks of unrelenting heat and very low humidity the summer monsoons have arrived!  Yesterday and last evening we got rain.  Not much.  Just a trace.  But, we got rain!  Montrose, fifty miles straight south as the eagle flies got an inch of rain.  Rio Blanco county to our north was under a flash flood watch.  Remember just a little rain over a large area that all comes down to a few small creeks means a lot of water all at once running off.  The best news is the weather bureau says there are at least ten more days of moisture headed our way.

The view out our west window after the rain.

Rainbow out our South window.

The temperature dropped dramatically with the rain and the humidity jumped way up.  The birds started singing and I swear I could hear the grass laughing.  This morning when I woke up the clouds were building to the south and looked like they might produce but they went on by.  Someone else will get their blessing today.  Again this afternoon the clouds are gathering and moving in.  Maybe we will get more rain.

We are headed to Parachute for the Botkin Family Reunion, that is Linda’s paternal grandmother’s family.  Each year they gather at the home of Bert and Guy Botkin on Morrisanna Mesa.  It is a fun gathering and there are lots of stories to be told.  The reunion lasts Friday through Sunday morning.  I will try to get pictures to share later.

All else is well here.  No major problems, no minor problems, just a good life.  Hope all is the same with you.


L   c}’-)


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  1. Really, really happy to hear you got rain. We finally got some too, although we were never as dry as you. Our crops and gardens desperately needed some moisture, but it came in the form of a quick storm (15) minutes that passed through our area. It also carried 70 mph winds so a lot of trees were lost. Bemidji was closed for several days because of all the downed lines and trees. The Park took a hard hit of course. We lost a few trees, no big deal. We are very grateful we had our woods logged last winter, we would have lost most of the old trees.

    Don’t despair over the state of our nation–a lot more people than you may realize understand what’s going on and are writing letters, etc. I can’t believe Obama will win–if he does–we are in deep trouble. We have to be activists in our own neighborhoods, letting people know the truth, write and call your congressmen. I’ve been doing some, but not nearly enough. I pledge to do more!