Santa came to Long Island Village

Last Friday the Long Island Village community threw an employee appreciation lunch and invited Santa to come along.  Most of the employees came and had lunch and received a financial gift from the owners based on their amount of service.  It was a good party.  The employees seemed to appreciate being recognized and rewarded for all their hard work.

Fireplace all set up for Christmas

LIV Choir singing for employees

Santa checking "Naughty or Nice" of employee

Santa and employee at the Christmas Tree

Santa and Betty Lane

Santa and Betty Wade

Everybody had a great time.  No I don’t want to be your Santa at your party!  Sue asked me to do this just an hour before the party because whoever had promised to be Santa backed out at the last moment.  Boy does she owe me!!  It was good to recognize the employees and show them the owners do care about them and all the work they do for us.  The owners donated $6400 to be divided among the employees.

A couple of days ago we went to a new place for us to eat, Captain Roy’s.  The food was good but the owner was really interesting.  He is a country boy from Texas and a retired charter boat captain.  He writes and recites poetry, most of which is about fire and police folks.  He has a great delivery.  It was fun getting to know him and listen to his stories.  As he admitted he sometimes is a little overbearing, spending too much time with his customers but I really enjoyed the visit.

The weather here is still a little colder, a little wetter and a little too windy but considering the time of year is quite pleasant.Next week we will go to Lori and Ryan’s for Christmas and be back the following week.  We hope all of you will be near loved ones too.  For those of you we love that we cannot spend Christmas with this year, know we love and miss each of you and wish you were closer.  May God bless each of you and give you His Peace and Grace.

L  c}’-)

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