So much for posting every few days

Oh well.  You probably have enough to do without checking up on us anyway.  No good excuse, just haven’t got my motivation back I guess.

We are in Fruita/Grand Junction again at the Junction West RV Park on 22 road.  That is about 6 miles from Linda’s family and is the closest park except for the State Park that requires leaving after 15 days and one park in Fruita that we will not stay in due to the condition of the park.  The weather here has been HOT! We had several days of over 100 and are still in the high 90’s with lows in the high 60’s at night.  Way too hot for us but we will just have to adjust to it as we are here to take care of Linda’s parents and give her sister, Lenore, a break.  If that is the worst problem we have then life is good.  The Parish’s are doing well and don’t need much care, just visits and an occasional help with the yard or home.  They are in good health for their age and are handling all well.

We have been spending what time we can with Bob, Korine and Dotty.  It always amazes me how much our grand kids grow while we are gone.  Dottie is becoming quite a little lady in her own right.  It is fun to see her, and all the kids, grow and change.  Have I mentioned to you that we have the smartest, prettiest and most talented grand kids that have ever graced the face of the earth?

Tomorrow is Independence Day.  I hope you celebrate it abundantly.  It is my favorite day of the year.  We get to recognize our freedoms that has been bought at such a high price and we get to blow things up.  What more could a man ask.  Spend some time remembering and teaching the young ones please.  If we don’t keep our memories alive in the minds of those who follow after us then soon our country will forget why freedom is important and begin the decent into the dark again.  We cannot let that happen.

Till next time.


The picture is of the United States Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard presenting the Colors in Durango, CO last October.  It is the same unit Bill used to ride with.

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