So Much For Resolve

I had resolved to write more posts on our site.  As you can tell that didn’t take as well as I had hoped.  Let me see: what excuse, no what reason, no what lie can I tell to explain the lack of resolve?  Hummm,  uhhh, wellll?  Sorry nothing comes to mind.  Any help out there?  What’s the best you can come up with?  The most off the wall, partially believable idea?  Let’s have some fun with this!

We went on another dolphin tour last week.  The weather had not been cooperating at all, cool, windy and overcast.  Finally we had a couple of nice days and made it out again.  The tour boat we always use is good at what they do.  We saw about twenty dolphins.  This time we went further out into the Gulf because there did not seem to be may in the bay area.  It was fun to be out on the open water, if just only a mile or so out.  As always we took pictures but once you have seen a few pictures of dolphins they all seem to be the same.

February 4 was the annual South Padre Island Kite Enthusiasts (SPIKE) Fest.  As always there were hundreds of kites, huge sleds way up there, streamers, smaller kites and ground displays.  This year we were quite surprised at the attendance.  The last few years there were a couple hundred people in attendance, good I thought for a “kite show”.  This year however the area was packed.  There must have been two thousand people there!  We went out on Saturday, arriving about an hour after the announced starting time.  The road to the area was backed up for over a half mile with vehicles waiting to turn into the parking area and many vehicles parked as far as a mile away.  We found a spot in the huge parking area and headed for the flying area.

The weather on Saturday was perfect for kites, as it often is on the island, breezy, to windy, sunny and warm.  There were teams of synchronized flying with two and four string kites, single kite demonstrations, booths for food vendors, organizations and vendors.  It was a great relaxed afternoon with plenty of activities.  I tried my hand at flying a four string kite.  It is much more responsive and difficult than the two string I bought a couple of years ago.  Several people in front of me were trying to power the kite to control it and that did not seem to work very well.  I decided to just se if I could get it to stand still and go straight up and down gently.  With a little instruction I found I could do it and had more fun than I expected.  I know it sounds weird to say flying a kite is exciting but if you ever get the chance to fly a four string you will understand.  They are not at all like our old thin wood slat and newspaper kites we flew as children.

I have been playing golf still and am finally getting better at the game.  Golf is deceptive.  It looks simple.  The concepts are simple.  Just hit the ball over there and then just hit it into that hole.  Simple.  Or maybe not.  “Keep your head down”, “Watch your grip”, “Slow back-swing and accelerate through”, “weight on your left foot, transfer to your right and then back to your left as you follow through”, Follow through”, “hit the ball in the center of the club-face”, “Get under the ball”, “drive straight through the ball”, etc, etc., etc.  Try to keep all that straight in your mind and not get distracted while you get ready to swing.  Oh, and what ever you do, do NOT think about the water hazard right in front of you!  This game is on of the most humbling things I have ever tried.  I told people here that I have a couple of friends who are a little “arrogant” and that if I disliked them I would buy them golf lessons.  Still it is fun.  One of the nicest things I have found here is the way people on this course are so friendly and helpful.  They do not care if you play well or not nor do they care if you cause their team to not win in the Scrambles they hold almost daily.  Yesterday was the annual club tournament.  We live next to the 15th tee, one of the hardest holes on the course.  It was fun to listen to the other players cheer when one made a good shot.  Genuine encouragement instead of cut-throat competition.  What a great bunch of people.

Linda is headed for Houston this coming Saturday for a week.  Korine and Dottie will be there, Korine for training and Dottie to keep Linda busy.  They will all have a great time I know.  Meantime I will be playing golf, flying my kite and enjoying life on the beach.  Winter is almost over and we will be leaving here soon.  It saddens me somewhat to think about leaving.  There is so much to do here, so many nice friends and such nice weather most days.  Yesterday and today we have a cold front pushing through.  Lows in the 40’s to 50’s and high about 55.  Cold for here and strong winds.  Gusts to 45 to 50 mph.  But next week it will be back into the low 80’s with night time temps in the mid 60’s.  Really hard to complain.



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