Spring Break

Linda is home, has been for two weeks.  She has had me busy cleaning up the mess I had made while she was gone.  Not really but it is the only excuse I can think up on short notice.

We have been visiting friends here, playing golf and enjoying life.  Spring has arrived in south Texas.  The temperatures are in the low 80’s during the day and in the 70’s overnight.  There are several new bird species making their way through the area and the coyotes are howling at night.  Add to this that all of Texas schools are out this week.  Texas Week started last Friday night and ends tomorrow night.

From our trailer we can see a portion of the causeway that goes from Port Isabel to South Padre Island.  It is two lanes each way and about three miles long.  This afternoon at twelve the traffic was slow but still moving steady.  By twenty minutes later is was stop and go.  Mostly stop.  It is currently nine thirty.  The traffic is completely stopped and has been for about an hour.  At about 6 pm it was taking between an hour and an hour and a half to get across the bridge.  The average person walks at about three to four miles per hour.  Traffic is moving at about two miles per hour.  Yep.  You could walk there faster.  Remember, we are only talking about the last three miles to the island.  There is still the two to four miles backed up in Port Isabel all day as well.  And tonight it will be backed up another several miles.  Then there is the traffic on the island itself.  It is amazing what people will do to have fun!

We have not been to the island all week.  We started over one morning to go fly kites for a little while but turned around at the far end of the causeway because the traffic was already starting to get backed up.  We did not want to have to go through that getting back.  By Monday the crowds will be much smaller.  The TV news said today that the crowds this year are not nearly as large as they were in the 1990’s.  I can’t imagine what it mush have been like.

Spring is here and we are making plans to hit the road again soon.  Our current plans, you know it might change, are to leave here and go to Wylie to visit family there for four to six weeks.  Spring in Texas is tornado season so we will have to be ready to move at a moments notice but we need time to spend with the grandkids.  Oh, and the parents too.  Then we will head for Flagstaff where a friend of ours is getting married.  They have been gracious and given me the honor of conducting their wedding ceremony.  Bill and Summer might make it into our visit if they work it right.  We will be there for about a month then head for Rifle for the summer.  It has been three years since we got to spend any time there and are looking forward to spending time with friends and family.  Bob and Dottie will get a lot of our time.

It is now after ten.  If you are still stuck in traffic waiting to get into Port Isabel to get to the causeway to get to South Padre to get to the concert I have bad news for you.  The concert you paid a $100 to see has just started.  The traffic on the bridge has not moved at all in the last hour and is still stopped.  Sorry.

Time for bed.  Hope to see all of you down the trail somewhere.  God Bless.


L   c}’-)

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