We are as “free as the birds” and have begun our northern migration having left Port Isabel and arrived in Wylie, TX where our daughter and family live.

Sea Gulls over the Laguna Madre

Lori had decided not to tell her children we were coming in case there were problems because it is easier to deal with the surprise than with disappointment.  Her decision, so we decided to surprise her as well.  After several calls where we stated “We plan to be there by Saturday” we showed up Thursday outside Jade’s school where they were having a meeting.  SURPRISE!

Jade saw us first

Jade and Lori walking out of the school

Gemma was a little surprised

It is really fun to see the surprise and joy on faces when people are happy to see you!

Linda had planted a couple of plants before we left.  They should do well over the summer and then will grow into quite huge plants over time.  The one on the left is a Poinsettia and the other is a Hibiscus.  The bloom is almost six inches across.  We also have four palm trees on our lot and have plans for more flowers next year.

Time to go, grandkids are waiting.


L  c}’-)


Surprise! — 4 Comments

  1. We have certainly enjoyed your posts and beautiful photos
    Safe travels, keep us posted on you’re new adventures.

    • Kay:
      We also enjoy your stories and pictures when you have time to send them. I hope we can get together in Colorado this summer.

  2. They do look like they were happy to see you! Always nice to get those special hugs–I’m getting ready for mine!
    You missed out on “backwards golf”–we played the course backwards and hit from some crazy places–so did the balls! It was fun, but got hot after awhile–but I am NOT complaining.