20 Aug 2011 Flagstaff, AZ

Here I am again, trying to figure out the best way, actually any way, to get this blog to do what it is I think it should do intuitively.  This shouldn’t be this hard.

Still all quiet in Flagstaff.  Linda spent the day cleaning the trailer while I spent the day frustrating over her newly repaired cell phone and this web site.  Her day was much more productive to say the least.  Tomorrow bill and I will tackle fixing a leak in the pan of the shower.  It will involve cutting a hole in a cover in what we call the basement and a hole in the sub-floor.  Undoubtedly that will be a learning experience.

There is a great used bookstore here called Bookmans.  Linda and I went yesterday.  That was a mistake!  Linda went to Joanne’s Fabrics next door while I looked for a good book on WordPress, which I found, along with about eight more books.  Now I have to find a place to store them until I can get them read.  We have been discussing buying an e-reader.  Kindle and Nook have gravitated to the surface as the two most logical choices.  If you have had any experience with an e-reader I would appreciate your input.  Linda is leaning toward the Kindle while I am leaning toward the color Nook.  Both have advantages.  Kindle: cheaper, lighter, easier to read in sunlight, easier on the eyes.  Nook color: do not need external light, more expensive, harder to read outside, can read magazines in color.  Lots to consider.  The best part is we wouldn’t need to pack so many books around with us.

May you be well and have enough.


L    c}’-)