9/11 Remembrance


As we near the tenth anniversary of the attack upon America on 09-11-01 it occurs to me that we should be talking among ourselves about how we remember that day, the lives lost and our country’s response.  Our country has changed because of that day, travel is harder, people are more suspicious and patriotism is greater.

I remember that morning well.  Like the day JFK was killed, it was a defining day in America.  Linda and I were getting ready for work.  For some reason I cannot remember I turned on the TV.  Normally our TV is off until after supper.  There, in my living room, for the first time in my life and perhaps for the first time in my realm of possibilities I saw America being attacked.  Not a military attack upon our troops but a cowardly attack on innocents and the innocence of America.

My mind had a hard time grasping the reality of the moment.  My body seemed disconnected.  Time seemed to stop.  How could this be happening?  Why?  Then … the towers fell.  An overpowering sense of loss, a knowledge of thousands dead, an irreversible event.  America, MY America, would never be the same.  Out of hatred someone had attacked us!  Me!

What about you?  Post here your impressions on 09-11-01.  Share with us your thoughts and feelings about the attack.  Take time and remember and reflect.

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.”   — Maya Angelou