Texas has springtime weather!

We have decided that we are going to change our schedule slightly.  Springtime is strong weather season in north Texas so we are planning on being here in the fall instead of the spring from now on.  As an example, last week 12 tornadoes came through the Dallas/Forth Worth area.  This week another storm front is coming through the area with most of it going through Oklahoma and Kansas.  Sometime during the night or early morning it should be coming through our area.  “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!” seems to be the mantra of the weathermen in this area.  They all predict “Strong, damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes” even when later they show the prediction map and there is nothing but light rain in most of the area.  Traveling around has made us appreciate the better weathermen in the Denver area.  Never knew they were that good.  This storm is just going to be wind with some rain and thunderstorms I think.  We are well protected where we are now.

Lori and family are very busy with their full schedules.  It seems we do not get to see them as much as we had hoped even though we knew they would be busy.  Lori is involved with school activities, church activities and being Mom.  She did really well in the LTC competitions.  Their church had lots of awards, mostly gold.  Gemma is involved in school, church and in a community play.  Today they had a seven hour rehearsal.  Jade is active all the above and just had her ankle surgery.  She is recuperating nicely and is enjoying being spoiled for a little while.  Amberlyn is busy with all of those as well.  She is growing so fast.  Stone is full of life.  He is as ornery as a two-headed monster which is fun to watch.  Everything he encounters is a learning experience and he constantly amazes me how smart he is.  Ryan is working full time at night and has a part-time job five days a week so he is either working or resting.  Now I know why God gave raising children to the young.  It would kill me.

You would think that with all this weather I could fly my new kite but no.  The winds here are too variable.  Stone and I tried to fly the box kite Thursday when he spent the day with us but it would not stay in the air even though there were strong gusts.  Today the wind was too strong to fly.  Maybe next week.

We said when we came this way that we would move out if the tornadoes started up but so far have fared well with the weather.  I hope it settles down and we get to stay a long time.  This park we are in is very quiet and peaceful.  It is on the west side of Lake Lavon just four miles north of Lori’s house.  The lots are all grass and we are on a small rise overlooking the lake.  There are trees in the park and the lots are huge.  The kids love coming out here because they can go outside and play without adult supervision.  You have to go through a controlled gate to get in so you have to belong here to get in.  Hmmmm.  The same way in Port Isabel.  Maybe?  Just maybe?  Do you suppose the gate is there to keep us from the world or the world from us?  Nah!  I do not think so, maybe.

Till next time.


L   c}’-)

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