Turtle Release

Ii has been a busy day today and it is just afternoon.

The Sea Turtle Rescue on South Padre Island has been busy of late.  The cold weather we had the last few weeks has driven hundreds of sea turtles out of the water because it was just too cold for them to survive.  Many died but over 400 were rescued, treated and then released when the water warmed.  Today they released about 50 turtles at the southern tip of South Padre island.  Below are some of the pictures from the release.

Also below are pictures of a couple of barges doing repair work on the jetties that protect the ship channel into the Brownsville Shipping Channel.  Rough seas over the years has worn them down somewhat and so new material is being added.  They are using large granite cuts that look to be 4 X 4 X 6 feet at least and may be much larger and smaller boulders to go in between.  All the rock has to be transported in as there are no rocks here.

Final set of pictures are of a sand castle built in front of the Visitor Center on South Padre Island.  It is made of river sand which has more clay in it than beach sand.  The entire structure is compacted while damp, then carved and when finished a diluted solution of Elmer’s Glue is sprayed over the outside to protect it from the elements.  This sculpture weighs about 60 tons and is expected to last about 14 months, depending on how rough it is treated by people.  There are lots of fun little scenes and characters around the sculpture.

Enjoy the gallery.  Click any picture for a larger view.


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