We are back online – I think!

Sorry I have been AWOL for the last several months.  Writing this blog seems to take more time and effort than I thought it would and quite frankly, I have not felt like writing anything.  There is nothing wrong, no buried issues, no health problems nor any other reason than I just needed to take a break.  Ever feel like that?  Me too!  The other part of that was I was not happy with the way the website was laid out and operated.  It was difficult for you to comment except on each individual post and that did not seem to be working very well.  So I have changed things.  At the bottom of any page you can comment on a particular post with the link entitled “Add A Comment”.  If we get a discussion started on a particular thought I will start a comment thread on it as well.  Of course I like to hear you comments, it is the only way I know anyone is reading my meandering words, so please, leave comments.  I have also added a Comment link entitled POLITICS.  Start a ruckus!  My posts are represented by the picture bar at the top of the page with the latest postings on the left.  Hover your mouse over a picture and the Title will show or click on the picture to get to that post.  to the right and left sides are arrows <  > that will take you to the next grouping of posts.  

After Christmas we went to Wiley for a couple of weeks to help Lori and Ryan while Jade had another ankle surgery.  All turned out fine as we knew it would but we did have another good visit.  From there it was back to Port Isabel and our friends at Long Island Village.  Golf, dolphin tours, parties, beaches, kites and a whole lot more kept us busy and happy for the rest of the winter.  Mid April we headed back toward Wylie for a couple weeks even though we had decided not to spend time there in the spring because of the tornado threat.  Linda had broken a tooth and her cousin Grant Parish, who lives near Lori, is our dentist.  We stayed just long enough for the tornadoes to threaten us again.  There were twenty-six within fifty miles of us in three days.  So we left.  We traveled hard from Wylie to Amarillo so we would be behind the front that was spawning the storms.  Made it.  The weatherman on TV that night said it would be a beautiful evening, which it was, followed by a quiet night and pleasant tomorrow.  Don’t believe all you see and hear on TV especially from the Weatherman.  The next morning our weather hazard radio (we always keep it on when we travel) woke us up with an announcement of “Severe thunderstorms, winds of up to sixty miles an hour, and quarter sized hail.  We waited until 10:30 to leave as the storm was to the south and west of us and traveling where we were wanting to travel.  Good thing we waited.  There was local flooding in Amarillo.  The street outside the RV park had water almost a foot deep as did a couple of the intersections we had to traverse.  By the time we left Amarillo the storm had past through and we had good roads all the way.  Until we got to Gallup, NM headed toward Flagstaff.  The wind picked up as it is want to do in the desert.  Gusts of up to 45 mph were coming at us from the side or into our head the whole trip.  That segment is deceptive.  You start a about 6,000 feet, then drop down about 1,500 feet very slowly so you don’t really notice, then you have to climb back up to 7,000 feet in Flagstaff.  The extra climb and the wind worked against us.  We got the worst gas mileage we have ever had pulling the trailer, 5.6 miles per gallon.  That worked out to $0.68 per mile.  Ouch!  But we made it to Flagstaff.

The weather here in Flagstaff is near perfect this time of year, mid 70’s during the day and mid 60’s at night.  There RV park is a little more crowded than in the fall but is still very open.  Most of the people here are from the valley around Phoenix and are escaping the heat.  It has already been 111 down there.  I would leave too.  Bill, Summer and Sienna are doing great.  Sienna is growing like a weed and is getting so curious.

IMAG0186 IMAG0204 IMAG0205IMAG0209

She watches, thinks, then responds.  It is fun to watch her learn.  It brings to mind again how much we humans have to learn and how quickly our young learn.  Their “learning curve” at this point in their lives is almost straight up.  What a wonderful process to watch and be a part. Bill and Summer are talking about remodeling their deck.  It will be a nice addition to their house.  The neighborhood they live in abuts the national forest so their back yard looks out into a pine forest.  The new deck will allow them to enjoy the view and the solitude more.  I wish I could be here to help build it but we need to get on to Colorado in a couple of weeks.  This weekend they went to an REO Speedwagon concert here in Flagstaff.  We were invited but declined, not quite my style of music, a little too “current” for me.  Now that is a sad statement isn’t it.  Bill and Summer, and probably most of you, consider that they are a “classic” band.  Some of us got stuck in time at different places in our lives and a very few don’t get stuck at all, at least in the music genre.  But I digress again.  Life in Flagstaff seems to be good.  Unfortunately we cannot stay here long.

Our plan is to leave here about the 19th and take two days to get to Fruita where we will summer this year.  However, as you  know, sometimes plans get changed.  That is probably enough for today.  I will try to keep posting at least twice a week.  The more comments I receive the easier it is to write.


We are back online – I think! — 4 Comments

  1. Look at that cute little girl!!! I am so glad to see you back here!!! Keep them coming.

  2. Hi, Glad you are back online. The site looks very nice. I am typing with my left hand, so not wordy! All is well here. We got the gardens planted–everyone helped–even me. The fire dinner was last nite–Don & Mel showed up to surprise us. Nice to see Texas people! Will keep in touch–hi to the kids.

    • Well I think we are back online. I am still having difficulties in making the effort to write as often as I should. Glad all is well there too. Hope your arm heals quickly. Wish we could have been there when Donnie and Mel were there, I know, I know, we could have been.